Magic Ability: Agi Skill [Persona 5/ P5]

Agi is a basic fire skill that deals small fire damage with low chances of burning.


Agi is a common skill found on the lower ranked persona. When using Agi, it deals small and basic fire damage. More often than not, this skill often belongs to the persona from the  magician arcana. While it rarely flames enemies, it’s a good spell to have to down enemies. If the enemy has a weakness to fire then, this spell a good way to knock them down without expelling so much SP.

Classification Attribute Rank consumption
Magic Fire Basic 4 SP

Persona that  wield Agi:

Persona name Level of acquisition
Pyro Jack Initial skill
Hua Po Initial skill
Succubus 8
Onmoraki 13

Using Agi can take a toll on you on the beginner stage. When it comes to shadows, killing them is not the way to go. Instead, use the power to negotiate. And the only way to do that, is to down them. Thus, if you’re dealing with low ranked shadows, use low ranked spells. Some shadows may be hard to negotiate with or take down. But attacking their weakness is key.

If you knocked down the enemy, it’s either negotiate or bring down. If the social link for that particular teammate is maxed out, the  teammate can perform Final Blow which  allows them to eliminate the enemy. However, this does not work on bosses. But it can create an opening for you in combat if you need to buy time.

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