Physical Ability: Miracle Punch Skill [Persona 5/ P5]

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Miracle Punch

Miracle Punch is a common skill found on the lower ranked persona. When using Miracle Punch, it deals medium and basic physical attack. Despite its medium damage output, the skill has a high critical rate. Even if it only deals damage to one enemy, it still has the potential to knock down an enemy. This triggers the chance for an All-Out Attack.

When you knock down the Shadow or Persona, you can easily either negotiate or fight it. However, it’s better if you do negotiate it to make stronger persona. But after awhile, this attack will be replaced by other and more powerful physical attacks. As a starting physical attack, it doesn’t do too bad.

Classification Attribute Rank consumption
Physical Physical Basic – Single Unit HP 8%

Persona that  wield Miracle Punch:

Persona name Level of acquisition
Ara Mitama Innate
Black Frost Innate
Bugbear Innate
Ariadne Innate
Ariadne Picaro Innate
Ganesha Innate
Zorro 40

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