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Before you start crawling through a dungeon, there are some persona that can be terrible difficulty sliders. Here are some of the recommended persona.

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Throughout the game, there are particular persona that are quite powerful. When battling through the palaces and trying to crawl your way through, you’d at least need a reliable persona to make battles a breeze. Persona that take advantage of magic skills, those that excel with crits, inflict ailments, and reflect attacks are equally important in building your team composition.


Choose a versatile Persona

Ideally, you’d want to have a persona with access to eight magic attributes. This comes in handy when facing multiple Shadows that vary in type. While there is no exact template for choosing which Persona to give all these attributes, a rule of thumb is to assign a Persona with little to no weaknesses. Start by obtaining the Treasure Persona, Regent, in the early stages. You can then fuse this with your Persona of choice. Also, don’t be stingy in spending Skill Cards, as these will give you some mileage in the long run.

Treasure Persona

Use high critical hit rate and gun skills

When facing Shadows that lack a weakness, you can utilize Phys skills and aim for crits. For example, you can choose a Persona with “Lucky Punch” and “Miracle Punch.” The automatic skill “Apt Pupil” works wonder in raising the chance of landing critical hits. Among the stats, you’ll want to focus on a Persona with high “Luck,” and if you can afford to have it, choose one with high “Agility,” as well. Other than that, there are also gun skills that inflict high crit chance. Some good examples of these are “One Shot Kill,” and “Trigger Happy.”

Channel Ailments

Another good persona to have is one that specializes in spreading ailments. When battling Shadows that don’t have weaknesses, inflicting conditions can set them up for attacks. When afflicted, you can follow up with Technical damage to get some bonus. This is where Psy skills come in since they grant Technical bonus when an enemy is affected by certain ailments. Be sure to pair the appropriate Psy skill to the corresponding ailment to reap the added effect. In addition, you can raise Technical bonus by working on your Technical Rank. At Max Rank (4), you earn level 3 technical attack power.

Status Ailments

Reflect the Shadows’ attacks

Last but not the least, you can have a Persona that can reflect attacks. In some battles, you’ll eventually encounter Shadows that only rely on Phys. These enemies often appear in the middle phase, so you should have enough time to work on a Persona with reflect. Among the options, Grimekhala comes to mind since it learns Repel Phys at level 51. Unlike Arahabaki and Landa which can also repel phys to some extent, Grimekhala possesses less weaknesses, that being solely Bless, making it the ideal choice to use as a template. Not only is it usable from the get-go, but you can also have it pass its skill to other Persona if you wish to do so.

Recommended for Persona 5 Royal

Until Kaneshiro Palace

Otherwise known as the recommended Persona in the early to mid stages, these consist of Persona that can support. Some good examples include Saki Mitama or Genbu. At level 7, Saki Mitama learns Growth 1 which raises experience gained in battle even when it is benched. That being said, if you can acquire Saki Mitama early, it can be an asset since it excels with buffs and support skills. It comes with Energy Drop which cures ailments. Since the Shadows are mostly weak to Ice, Saki Mitama can also assist teammates by doubling with some offense. It learns Bufu to strike foes during the Kamoshida heist. Another good persona to have is Jack Frost because of its Ice skills.

Last but not the least is Shiki-Ouji. Since there are many Shadows that rely on Phys on the mid phase, Shiki-Ouji can come in due to its natural immunity to their attacks. It acquires Gun skills which can inflict critical hits as mentioned above. In addition, Shiki-Ouji eventually learns Psy skills which can net Technical bonus.

Until Niijima Palace

In the mid phase, Persona that barely have any weaknesses come out on top. Anubis is a good example. It can be obtained at a low level and does not have any weaknesses. Moreover, Anubis resists Bless and Curse which helps it go against Death attacks.

Another good Persona is Seth which is one of the last fusion tasks for the Strength confidant. Seth’s base kit comes with One-shot Kill, a powerful gun skill with a boosted crit chance. It can also inherit Snipe which amplifies its firepower. Pair these with Apt Pupil and Trigger Happy to boost its already high crit chance.

Trumpeter is also great in the mid phase. It has high Endurance and does not mind taking Bless and Curse damage. Apart from that, Trumpeter can learn Life Aid at level 63 which gives it HP and SP recovery after finishing a battle. It also obtains Fortify Spirit and Debilitate, both of which complements its high stats. Give it some Almighty attribute skills such as Megidola as soon as possible.

Persona for clearing the game

One of the recommended Persona for completing the main story is Jack Frost. It comes at a low level and is relatively easy to obtain. While Jack Frost is weak to fire attribute, it can make up for it through reflect. Going over its stats, Jack Frost has a set of well rounded ones. By default, its Phys skills have high crit chance and its Magic does not fall short either because of the added chance to freeze passive that it has. You may opt to give it Auto-Mataru to boost its attack further.

Meanwhile, Alice is another great Persona to have. While it has a high SP cost, her Skill, “Die For Me!” can easily swing battles in your favor. Other Persona that are worth exploring include Abaddon who has a unique trait of absorbing fire skills in conjunction with having many resists. Abaddon shines in drawing attacks away from members because of its outstanding Endurance. Another Persona that is nice to have is Attis. Naturally, Attis is weak to Curse but it can be alleviated by having it inherit a form of resistance. Attis’ default kit consists of Salvation and Thermopylae, both of which are useful when facing ambushes. Unfortunately, Attis has its share of flaws since its confidant can be unlocked much later in the game.

Ideal Persona for New Game+

Among the Persona, Yoshitsune stands out as one of the best options. His signature attack, Hassou Tobi, along with Brave Blade consumes HP in exchange for dealing large chunks of damage. Yoshitsune poses no weaknesses and combined with its resist and reflects, can easily overpower opposing Shadows. If you wish to boost its outstanding firepower, you can inherit some of these skills: Auto-Mataru, Charge, and Apt Pupil. Other options include Arms Master to halve the health cost of skills for survivability, as well as non-auto skills to optimize it for boss battles.

Ultimately, you’ll want to fuse many Persona to arrive with Satanael. It can make use of many buff skills to raise the firepower of its magic which might be a bit of an overkill in regular encounters. Not to mention, Satanael’s Endurance and vast amount of resists helps it brush many incoming attacks aside.

Recommended DLC Persona

Izanagi Okami and Izanagi Okami Picaro of the World Arcana are the best options when counting DLC. Each of them can surpass Yoshitsune. Its Myriad Truths skill, boasts tons of damage and has the unique almighty property. Izanagi Okami also comes with Victory Cry which makes it battle-ready without the need to heal it prior to the next one. To top it off, it resists almost all elements barring Bless and Curse. If you intend to focus on the story, or finish the game as soon as possible and don’t mind using DLC, give Izanagi Okami a try.

Recommended for Persona 5


There’s a reason why this level 60 Justice Arcana persona ended up on the recommended persona list. Melchizedek is useful against Goro Akechi since it has drain against Bless and Null Curse. Melchizedek had Megaton Raid which he can keep using if Goro loads you up with some Eiga or Kouga skills.

Melchizedek also makes himself useful in Shidou palace especially when you have to fight those Baphomets from the Cleaner. With Hama Boost and Mahamaon, the battles should be relatively easy.

White Rider

Despite being level 39, White Rider played the front runner all the way to Shidou Palace. Hence, it became a part of the recommended persona list. Other than it inheriting some skills such as Mapsio and Psio from another persona and the Rakunda, he reflects Curse and blocks Bless. This makes him a powerful adversary against Goro Akechi’s Curse and Bless attacks. He also had Oni Kagura which makes him excellent for sweeping.

Ame no Uzume

Ame no Uzume has a pretty wide set of inheritance skills. She can inherit Mapsio and Psio which made her useful throughout Kaneshiro Palace. Her healing skill Diarama pairs excellently with her Divine Grace. Because she also has Mazio and Shock Chance up, she can help buy time for you.


Scathach first makes her appearance in Okumura’s Spaceport. Now as an adversary, she’s can be quite annoying. After all, you can’t just knock her down. And when she does knock you down, there are times she takes your ally as hostage. Because Scathach doesn’t have any weaknesses, you need to dish out some critical hits. However, if you manage to fuse her at level 45 and max out the Priestess Confidant, she can learn Tempest Slash and Attack Master which gives her Tarukaja at the start of the battle. Not only that, she also learns Maragion which hits hard owing to her high magic stat.


Despite its weaknesses of Curse/Gun, Power can remove the Curse weaknesses because of its Null Curse. Also, many of the enemies that show up sometimes are weak against Kouha and Eiha skills. With high endurance, Power makes a pretty good phys hitter should its fusion material have a lot of physical skills.


Ananta is one of the few persona that has a variety of Frei-skills. When you enter Okumura palace, you’ll find yourself looking for a lot of Frei-skills or relying on Makoto half the time to attack. However, if you get Ananta, make sure you have a Persona that knows Null Elec. It’ll save you from so much problems.

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