Tips and Tricks: Recommended Persona for Palaces [Persona 5/P5]

Recommended Persona

Throughout the game, there are particular persona that are quite powerful. That’s why there’s a list of recommended persona. When battling through the palaces and trying to crawl your way through, you’d at least need a persona which is so reliable that you can just pound your way through. However, not all Persona are meant for pounding and smashing. There are some recommended persona that has those wide-sought out heals to make your life easier.

Recommended Persona


There’s a reason why this level 60 Justice Arcana persona ended up on the recommended persona list. Now before you go bananas, Melchizedek is useful against Goro Akechi. Why? Melchizedek has drain against Bless and Null Curse which makes him one heck of a difficulty slider against Goro. While Goro went insane and started smacking your teammates around, Melchizedek had Megaton Raid which he can keep using if Goro loads you up with some Eiga or Kouga skills.

Melchizedek also makes himself useful in Shidou palace especially when you have to fight those Baphomets from the Cleaner. Since he has Hama Boost and Mahamaon, the battles shouldn’t even make you break a sweat.

White Rider

Despite being level 39, White Rider played the front runner all the way to Shidou Palace. Hence, it became a part of the recommended persona list. Other than it inheriting some skills such as Mapsio and Psio from another persona and the Rakunda, he reflects Curse and blocks Bless. This makes him a powerful adversary against Goro Akechi’s Curse and Bless attacks. He also had Oni Kagura which makes him excellent for sweeping.

Ame no Uzume

Ame no Uzume has a pretty wide set of inheritance skills. She can inherit Mapsio and Psio which made her useful throughout Kaneshiro Palace. Her healing skill Diarama also made her a force to deal with when she also learned Divine Grace. Because she also has Mazio and Shock Chance up, she can help buy time for you.


Scathach first makes her appearance in Okumura’s Spaceport. Now as an adversary, she’s an annoying pain. After all, you can’t just knock her down. And when she does knock you down, there are times she takes your ally as hostage. Because Scathach doesn’t have any weaknesses, you have to pray to RNGesus to give you a crit (she has Sharp Student to prevent her from taking Crit damage) in order to give you a chance to talk to her and negotiate. However, if you manage to fuse her at level 45 and max out the Priestess Confidant, she can learn Tempest Slash and Attack Master which gives her Tarukaja at the start of the battle. Not only that, she also learns Maragion and her base magic is just… insane.


Despite its weaknesses of Curse/Gun, Power can remove the Curse weaknesses because of its Null Curse. Not just that, many of the enemies that show up sometimes are weak against Kouha and Eiha skills. Not just that, it’s a tanky persona for its level. Thus, it makes a pretty good phys hitter should its fusion material have a lot of physical skills.


Ananta is one of the few persona that has a variety of Frei-skills. When you enter Okumura palace, you’ll find yourself looking for a lot of Frei-skills or relying on Makoto half the time to attack. However, if you get Ananta, make sure you have a Persona that knows Null Elec. It’ll save you from so much problems.

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