Bugs and Glitches [Persona 5/ P5]

Bugs and Glitches

Bugs happen all the time in gaming. If anything, especially if you download it, bugs can destroy your gameplay. But no need to fret, there are some people who may have the same problem and managed to fix it.


When chatting with other players, there are some house rules to follow.

  • Respect other people’s opinions.
  • Help out those who are new to Persona. Not all of us are some Major League players. There are some who haven’t played the game before.
  • CYBER BULLYING IS A NO-NO. We are promoting a friendly community.
  • Please don’t be afraid to ask questions. There will always be someone willing to help you.
  • Most of all, have fun.

Persona 5 is a pretty big game. Along with the added mechanics, this can be quite difficult especially for those not familiar with the mechanics of the game. Besides, we, the Samurai Gamers, would like to promote good camaraderie among players. So, don’t forget – enjoy!

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  1. I’m trying to improve the twin wardens confidant and I have the one after flauros with the move that is required but it keeps saying I don’t have it,any suggestions to fix this?,thank you

  2. I’m trying to improve my twin wardens confidant and I have the one after flauros with the correct move to show them but they keep saying I don’t have it,any suggestions to fix this?,thank you

  3. It’s not something big, but it is a little annoying. At the victory screen after you defeat a shadow, when Joker starts to run his animation freezes for two seconds. It looks funny the first few times, but after a while it just gets a little bit frustrating.

  4. In Futabas palace when I press the button to open the coffin that has the button inside it. The coffin doesn’t open when I interact with it.

  5. When I start the game and the 1 from the cinematic of the 20 years of persona appears my game just freezes, somebody knows what to do? I have over 30 hours of game-time and it would be a same to lose all my progress

  6. i stuck at okumura palace when i use the 2nd elevator to go down the animation and music stil on but i cant move or do anything.

  7. I can’t advance the Strength Confident. I have Hecatonchieres with the right ability (I’ve checked multiple times) on me, but it never triggers the dialogue. Any solutions?

  8. so I’m almost done my second play threw but for some reason I can’t fuss for satan it always saying fusion impossible no matter wat combinations I try anybody knw war to try

  9. On 5/9, the day we can start freely going to mementos, when I hang out with Takemi for the Confidant scene where we help a sick girl brought in, the game stalls at her second visual cut-in.
    What’s wrong? Is the day bugged? That scene specifically? It stalls to the point that pressing the PS button and returning has the screen darken and the loading clock at the top run forever, and all I can do it shut off the PS3 manually. Any help?

  10. so when im anywhere the game locks up, i cant do anythig with the controller. Everything is still working, my controller is charged, the game is moving and making noise its just i cant do anything to keep the game moving its stuck in a moment. It locks up and it stays like this for about 10 or so minutes them the moment continues as if nothing, ive seen a couple of videos of this they call it a “soft lock” and im wondering if theres any way of preventing this from happening from now on?

  11. ‘Debunking the Psychic’- request by Chihaya completely bugged. Doesn’t appear in the request and spot where he appears is locked. Any solution?

  12. Similar problem as Yasendai’s. I use the latest build of rpcs3 for US version persona 5. In Shido’s Palace, when confronting Akechi Goro, the game just freezes after he summon Cu Chulain and Cerberus and berserker them. The audio, animation and fps still works but won’t proceed. Similar things happens all over the game when for example, defeating enemies, opening locked cases, and so on. Please help! Thanks!

  13. When I hope. The game I have the option to connect to the Thieves Guild however it is not letting me choose yes or no, can’t even move my cursor. Help!

  14. In Mementos, Path of Chemdah, every single time I try to go to Area 5 ( rest ), it gives me an infinite loading screen, I’ve had to run through all 4 areas, 6 times to get to area 5 and each time I get infinite loading screen. So I cleaned the disc an even uninstalled and reinstalled the game and the same thing happened again. Does anyone know how to fix this? Because at this point I won’t be able to advance in mementos until the problem is resolved.

  15. I’m having a hard time making the Mask Collector trophy to pop up, I have my compendium at 100% and when I enter the velvet Room the twins tell me that I’ve completed it but no trophy

  16. I’m starting up a NG+ on merciless difficulty where I want all the edge I can get. My equipment transferred over but I’m the only one hitting 190+ melee damage while my teammates who have stronger melee weapons (220+) are hitting for 59 and 48 in enemies in the first palace. Why? What am I the only one dealing major damage while they hit so weak?

  17. After grinding the crap out of Komoshida’s castle in hard difficulty I lost 30,000 yens randomly when I back to my room in the game. I just saw -30,000 pop up all of a sudden and did not know what to think of it. Up to this day i’m upset about it though. Is this a glitch?

    • Were you skipping cutscenes? There’s a scene where the Phantom Thieves eat dinner, and that costs 30,000 yen. So that’s probably what it was.

  18. Sometimes after I answer a teacher’s question in class, the game pauses for a while and then keeps going. The first time it happened, it was after the question about chronostasis and I thought it was funny because of the coincidence. A DNS error box popped up and the game continued, but it happened again for a few seconds. Anyone else experience this?

  19. Hi all who read this, I have an issue when it comes go my copy of persona 5, I downloaded persona 5 from psn for the PS3, so no I can’t get a refund or trade it or a different copy of it, and it is just so slow… when I encounter any loading screen it can vary between 20-50 seconds of waiting before I can play. Dialogue boxes can be seen however the voice actor/actresses can’t be heard until around a minute of waiting and even then it stops and starts randomly and can take up to 5 minutes just to hear what is being spoken, The same goes for audio in any part of the game but the cut scenes that don’t use 3D models such as the intro sequence before you an choose whether you want to start a new game, load a game or mess with the options. In battle audio starts and stops as well as the music, but also any choice I take to fight could leave me waiting a few minutes just for a few minutes before the character (playable or enemy) to finish attacking, for example I try to attack, my character slashes with his dagger a few times (audio still starting and stopping) and then stands there until the enemy has a seriously delayed reaction to it. Another example is where I decide to use a skill and my character stands there with the blue fire swirling around him with his hand at his mask for about a minute before using the skill. Has anyone else experienced this issue and if have and solved it can they please tell me what they did. I have already tried the forth option on the PS3’s safe mode that rebuilds its database and it didn’t work. I have searched for an answer to this problem but can’t find one, so as said earlier if anyone has experienced this and fixed please can you let me know as I adore the persona series but this is unbearable.
    P.S my furthest save is 4/15 evening where it took me a playtime of 13:23 just to play six days of the game because of these issues.

    • P.P.S I do have downloaded content but these issues occurred beforehand as I downloaded the free content except the Japanese audio dlc hoping that maybe it fixed it for some reason

      • Hello a fan of persona I have done the exact same thing by downloading the game from psn store unfortunately the game freezes as the white train windows are coming across the screen before the main menu therefore I cannot even play the game. You said above that you fixed the problem please tell me how as it has also become unbearable for me. I have uninstalled and re downloaded the game 6 times now and nothing changes.

  20. Just wondering but whenever I get in a fight when Ann is in the party, her weapon does not resemble a whip. When I go to attack it shows up during her animation attack then goes back to looking like a knife of some sort. Has anyone experienced this? Or is it just part of the game?

  21. I died during the early stages of Kaneshiro’s palace before reaching a safe room and now can’t get the pig statue to open. I’m effectively locked out. Any help? My last save was level 7…

  22. I am dating Tae, and we can hang out, but she won’t give me the option to go out anywhere. How do I fix this? I want to go on dates but we end up in the exam room each time.

  23. Hi, I’m already nearly on the end of my NG+ and I’m pretty sure I already crafted all infiltration tools (not all by myself, some by Kawakami). What seems to be the problem? Do I need to craft them all by myself?

  24. I can’t seem to fuse and get Michael. I’ve beaten the game twice already and he’s supposed to be an advanced fusion but he’s not among the ones I have unlocked. You unlock him by leveling up Sae’s confidant all the way but it still doesn’t work. How can I fix this?

  25. I’ve beaten the game twice but for some odd reason I can’t seem to make the advanced fusion Persona Michael. It never pops upp

  26. In the 5th palace, when I enter a fight whoever attacks first freezes during their animation and there’s nothing I can do to fix this except restarting the game. (This caused me to have to completely re-do the 5th palace and fusions afterwards which is infuriating) This has happened twice, but only in this palace.

  27. I can’t choose Futaba as a teammate. It won’t let me in mementos or the next palace. Any ideas how to fix the issue?

  28. I hit max rank in the Judgement confidant, but I can’t make/fuse Satan no matter what combination I use. I use multiple personas that should make him, but they all end up as either Messiah or Messiah Picaro. Anyone else having the same problem?

    • I’m having the exact same problem and because of it it’s now impossible to obtain Lucifer and Satanael for me at least. Does anyone know a fix for this?

    • I have the same problem. As it turns out, having the Messiah and Messiah Picaro set results in any fusion that would normally net Satan netting Messiah or Messiah Picaro instead. I don’t know all the technical details but I think it has something to do with Messiah/Picaro and Satan both being high level Judgement personas. Only way to fuse it with the dlc is with Messiah Picaro and one of a few treasure demons. Other than that, we’re outta luck. (Yeah, it’s a rather big issue and clearly someome made a mistake)

        • I too have this issue. The gems don’t work either as the fusion between Messiah + Any of the Gems is listed as “Impossible,” when they clearly should result in Satan. I’m in NG+. Maybe it’s because I didn’t max Judgement again? Does Judgement not give you a key item so you can fuse it’s top tier persons without remaking it, like the other arcana give you? Wondering if it was an atlas oversight.

    • I’m having the same problem, but for Alice, w/ the Death confidant. I maxed Takemi way back in October, but I’m now in December and can’t seem to produce Alice no matter which combo of ultimate-personas I’m using. The result is always Mot instead. I wonder if this is a common bug: the Velvet Room system not recognizing a certain confidant has indeed been maxed.

      • P.S. Vishnu and Ardha also seem to not show up despite the combinations being correct. I get Gabriel instead. I wonder if it has something to do with the fact that i maxed out Kawakami and Takemi a bit earlier than the other characters. It

        • P.P.S.

          Please disregard the earlier comments. I did some research and apparently this wasn’t a bug. Ardha and Alice are technically normal fusions, BUT can ONLY be created with one specific combination each (which doesn’t follow the usual formulae for producing a Temperance or Death persona).

          For anyone who was having the same problem and thought they were experiencing a bug,

          Alice is created by fusing Belial with Nebiros (both are Devil)

          and Ardha is created by fusing Shiva with Parvati. Parvati can be acquired fairly easily in Shido’s Palace, around the Pool Deck and following hallways.

          Vishnu still isn’t showing up for me, but I assume that’s because I need Fool to reach level 10 first (I’m still on December 15th).

  29. Having issues where, in shido’s castle, during the battle with Akechi in the engine room, the game decides to freeze. Once I defeat Cu Chulain and Cerberus, the game just sort of stalls at the last camera angle it was on when they died. I hear the music, the background animations are still working. But the game refuses to progress from there. I’ve tried closing the app and running again, but to no avail

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  31. Not sure if intended or not but if you have the Chariot Confidant skill Instant Kill and are carrying the max number of personas you can carry, everytime you ambush a shadow, it will instant kill it. Downside is that you don’t get exp, gold or items. But its a good way to speed run things I guess.

    • It’s a normal ability. It’s one of Ryuji’s special perks if you get the Chariot Confidant skill. I kinda don’t like that ability though. I need the money and the exp XD

    • It’s not related to how many personas you’re carrying. It has to do with the level of the shadow you’re ambushing. If you’re 10 or more levels higher than the strongest persona in the group you ambushed, it will always be an instant-kill. So, for example, if you’re level 60 when going to Nijima’s Palace, the Ose, Unicorn and Valkyrie will all be instant-kills, but Kumbhanda, Rangda, Ganesha and Skadi will not.

  32. Yo! I’m pissed, I bought the retro game set around 9/10, I’m now in December with no gaming console at my house. Has anyone else had this glitch?

  33. Makoto disappears from her hang-outs at school following Futaba palace and appears gone from the game in September. She shows up at meetings and group events and plays her role in the main story line, but no interaction is possible.
    Is this normal or a bug? Very annoying as I had just leveled up high enough to take the next step in her quest line.

  34. This contains a spoiler but I need to ask
    Anyone have a problem in shidos dungeon? After getting to the engine room and beating the cleaner the game freezes. I get the screen for xp and money but after that it freezes

  35. So, Purchased the game for the PS3, and I keep having a problem where after the first cut-scene, the fight with the Pyrekeeper doesn’t load properly.

    The player character (Joker, or Trickster) does not appear, and I can’t progress. No buttons are responsive, and I am at a total loss for why this is happening.

    I’ve returned my copy of the game, and this is still happening on the second Disc. I’ve also uninstalled and reinstalled the game data on my system.

  36. I got to the time limited boss battle in the 5th palace and the first move i made my persona froze in his attack animation. i think if the time goes down i might auto fail and be able to restart at the beginning of the fight but still..

  37. I reached the second Castle and ever since I locked the second Safe Room, my teammates won’t follow me in the battlefield. They talk to me and all; but when it’s time to fight I’m all by myself. When I win fights, they receive experience too.

  38. So when I’m doing an all out attack the red changes into pink, then back to red before the flashy finish… Anyone else having this?

    • Check your display screen as well. It might be your cable as to why it turns pink. But if your cable’s okay, it might be the game especially if it’s downloaded and not the hard copy. ????

    • It happens in mementos this is because for some reason the game loads in both the aoa and mementos skins at the same time there

      • Yeah, I had that happen a couple times in Mementos too. As far as glitches go, it’s a pretty harmless one, so I didn’t think much of it.

  39. I can’t seem to continue Ryuji’s confidant link. He wants to go find the track & field counselor while the dude is out drinking. It suppose to trigger at night through a text, but I’ve been waiting for a month in game. I wonder if going to the palaces/mementos might have messed it up. At this point idk if it’s worth rolling back that far just for Ryuji. =\

    • I’ve been having the same problem!!! He texted me the place but I wanted to do something else that night so I skipped it, thinking he would text me another day. Been two weeks and nothing. Have you fixed it?

    • Yeah this happened to me as well. I was following a walk through to max out all social links and it said to hang out with Ryuji at night on 5/25 to get him to rank 7. However I never received the invitation from him until 6/29. Doing a palace or mementos will prevent Ryuji from contacting you at night which is shitty because there only seems to be a few dates a month Ryuji will invite you. So instead of waiting until 6/29 to reach Kaneshiro’s treasure like the walkthrough suggested I reached it earlier on 6/21. I strictly hung out with all my social links after and worked on my personality traits. Then when 6/29 came Ryuji text me at night and asked to meet up. Make sure you don’t turn him down! If you do you’ll have to try again next month.

  40. Glitch where finishing Moon confidant 4th doesn’t give you a request through messenger when it really should. This is pretty serious because losing this request locks you out of reading all books, clearing all requests, unlocking all locations trophy.

    • BTW the request is called Part-time, Full-time Hell. People seem to think its just really hard to trigger, but according to JP websites it seems to be a bug.

  41. Heres a nice glitch for the ps3…….If you reach the tower in the first palace stealing tht dudes heart well if you go back and trying to fight anything the game freezes but only if you get first hit e.g. ambushing the enemy or getting spotted then hitting them before they hit you to initiate battle…….This has happened to me twice now (i mean two different saves)

  42. Just as a heads up, didn’t get the Craftworker achievement after making all of the tools (unless there are more than 4?) I made one of each in a single sitting, including the eternal lockpick, just to be sure but the achievement didn’t trigger after i was done.

    For anyone trying to get this otherwise, having Kawakami make something or doing them in class are supposed to prevent the achievement from popping as well, but I only ever made lockpicks in class. Not sure why it’s not working otherwise.

    • theres roughly 13 different infiltration tools and 2 “sets” in total, its just set to something like 4 tools a page when at the table

    • I had a similar issue, but it turns out I just didn’t NOTICE the “Element Set” and “Forces Set”. Use L1/R1 to scroll around checking the different categories. For “Battle”, SCROLL DOWN. There’s two items, below Megido Bomb, that aren’t immediately visible. These are the element set and forces set. They give you a collection of items that cause elemental damage to enemies (useful if you’re lacking a certain element in your party and don’t have the persona for it, or if Joker or the relevant party member are asleep, enraged, whatever; unfortunately IIRC you can’t make one for bless damage, which is the thing I most frequently find myself lacking).

  43. Are the characters faces supposed to disappear when you play them dressed in their DLC outfits instead of their phantom ones? Because I notice that a pink-purple circle had replaced Haru’s face when she used spell attacks. A black one instead of pink-purple for everyone else.

  44. I guess I am the first one to found out a terrifying bug along the gameplay:

    It is impossible to go on with the game if you are beginning the Dungeon “Steal Kamoshidas Heart” 1 Day before deadline.
    I was making this mistake an ended up with a frustrating game over when I found the room with the heart and the cute kitty said “Now me must wait for the next day and send an whatsoever to fight the Heart” On the next day I had no chance to play anymore an the game ended.

    4-6 hours of gameplay are lost aliong the level rewards and othe cool staff.



    • It’s not a glitch. In order to avoid a Game Over, you have to send the card at least 2 days before the deadline. Sending the calling card triggers the treasure portion of the heist, but if you’re 1 day away from the deadline, it progresses to the next day and it’s too late at that point.

      For me, I’ve noticed (at least during the treasure heist portion), if the boss kills you that it allows you to backtrack (a week,i believe?).

      Best policy for this is to get heists done as quickly as possible and not push the deadline date (except for one notable situation, no spoilers though but it’s late in the game). Otherwise, I do usually half or more of the palace on the first day available, then finish it on day two. Send calling card at that point, and then use whatever time you have left before the deadline to improve your confidant rankings, train, etc.

      • You should also ALWAYS CYCLE YOUR SAVES through all 16 slots. That way, if something goes wrong, you will have several options as to how far back you want to go. I always keep one save at the beginning of the previous month, one at the beginning of the present mission, one from a week ago, and one from before exiting my last visit to a palace or mementos (so I can go back and grind more xp / money if needed). The rest I just cycle on a day-to-day to basis.