Persona 5 Royal - Challenge Battles Shown in TGS 2019

Challenge Battles pit you against three sets of shadows in quick succession. Details on the option was released in Sega's presentation in TGS 2019.

What are Challenge Battles?

Challenge Battles are a sequence of battles with added conditions. To participate in Challenge Battles, you have to visit the Velvet Room. Some of the conditions were shown on Day 3 of TGS 2019 which went live last September 13th. For instance, one challenge battle required that Yusuke must be a recipient of a baton pass. After satisfying the first condition, he had to use Freila afterward. Aim for a high score to earn better rewards.

Choose a Difficulty

Before the battle starts, you need to select a difficulty. You can select between Normal or Hard. The player needs to complete three battles, each battle pitting the player against three shadows.

Figure out their weaknesses

From the looks of it, some of the enemies don’t have the same attributes as they did in Persona 5. As such, you will once again have to determine each of their weaknesses. In addition, Producer Wada mentioned that you can’t perform an All-Out Attack, even if all the enemies are downed. The trick to defeating enemies is to charge up an ally that has a skill that deals effective damage. After receiving the buff from baton pass, have them use the ability to inflict massive damage. Unfortunately, it was unclear when this option will be unlocked.

In case you missed it, you can watch the archive of their livestream below.

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