Persona 5 Royal - Shadow Kaneshiro (Bael) Boss Guide

Boss guide for Shadow Kaneshiro (Bael) in Persona 5 / Persona 5 Royal. This includes the boss enemy's stats and skills, recommended party level and skills, and battle strategies.

Persona 5 / Persona 5 Royal - Shadow Kaneshiro (Bael) Boss Guide

Guide on How to Defeat Shadow Kaneshiro (Bael)

Shadow Kaneshiro is the third boss the Phantom Thieves will face both in Persona 5 and Persona 5 Royal. The boss is encountered at the end of their mission at Kaneshiro Palace.

Persona 5 / Persona 5 Royal - Kaneshiro Palace Shadow Kaneshiro Boss Battle

Shadow Kaneshiro’s boss battle has two phases but they differ between Persona 5 and Persona 5 Royal. In Persona 5, he begins the battle by himself and then, calls out his mechanical piggy bank called Piggytron to protect him and destroy the Phantom Thieves. When it comes to Persona 5 Royal, he starts already with Piggytron and then summons his two contracted fly-like minions to assist him in battle.

The boss battle can be a bit annoying especially when it gets to the later parts. Preserve your as much SP as you can during the first phase. Your party’s SP usage will be allocated mostly on buff/debuffs, status infliction, and healing.

Persona 5 Kaneshiro Palace Guide Persona 5 Royal Kaneshiro Palace Guide

Boss Stats

Shadow Kaneshiro

Level 25
HP 1,200
SP 600
Strength 15
Magic 10
Endurance 18
Agility 17
Luck 18


Level 26
HP 2,500
SP 1,800
Strength 34
Magic 28
Endurance 22
Agility 17
Luck 18
EXP 2600
Money 17,100

“Gold Conductor” (Persona 5 Royal only)

Level ?
HP 600*
SP ?
Strength ?
Magic ?
Endurance ?
Agility ?
Luck ?
Money ?

*estimation based on observed damages received in battle

“Gold Protector” (Persona 5 Royal only)

Level 26
HP 500*
SP ?
Strength ?
Magic ?
Endurance ?
Agility ?
Luck ?
Money ?

*estimation based on observed damages received in battle

Boss Skills

Shadow Kaneshiro

Skill Name Skill Effect
Evil Touch* High chance of inflicting Fear to 1 foe.
Eiga* Medium Curse damage to 1 foe.
Maeiga* Medium Curse damage to all foes.
Lullaby** Inflict Sleep (medium odds) to all foes.
Tarunda** Increase 1 ally’s Attack power for 3 turns
Finger Bullet** Gun damage to 1 foe.
Gold Rain** Physical damage to all foes 6x to 7x

*For Persona 5 only
**For Persona 5 Royal only


Skill Name Skill Effect
Ocular Vulcan Shoots bullets at a single-target dealing Heavy Gun damage.
Metabolic Wave Deals moderate physical damage to the entire party.
Missile Party Deals moderate fire damage to the entire party and has a chance to inflict burn.
Fear Gas Inflicts Fear to the entire party with a moderate chance.
Super VIP Form Turns into a spinning ball. (Shadow Kaneshiro is targetable during this state for preventing March of the Piggy.)
March of the Piggy Delivers severe almighty damage to the entire party.

“Gold Conductor” (Persona 5 Royal only)

Coming Soon

“Gold Protector” (Persona 5 Royal only)

Coming Soon

Boss Strategy

1) Conserve your SP

During the first phase, you will fight only Shadow Kaneshiro. This is a fairly easy fight, so conserve most of your SP during this phase. The latter phases will be much more difficult to beat.

2) Use buffs and debuffs

In the second phase, you will fight the Piggytron. This boss is powerful due to its attacks that can inflict damage to the whole party. Make sure that you have a Persona or character that can cast Media and Diarama. You can also lower Piggytron’s damage output by casting Tarunda.

Once Piggytron’s HP is down to 1/3, it will combine with Kaneshiro to form its Ultra V.I.P form. This form has an attack called the March of the Piggy, which is very powerful. Make sure that you Guard once it announces that it is spinning faster. You can also concentrate on defeating Kaneshiro instead of the Piggytron for a much faster battle.

If Kaneshiro unleashes his Fear Gas, counter it with Amrita Shower.

It’ll come to a point that you can attack him directly. This will be a better idea than attacking the Piggytron, since he can cast Evil Touch to send your team rhythm sprawling. Take him out and then focus on the piggytron.

Boss Battle Videos

Persona 5

This video features a party of Joker, Panther, Queen, and Fox in Hard Mode,  New Game+:

Persona 5 Royal

Coming Soon

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  1. I’m level 35 here it’s so simple fight the slimes and red guys. Black slimes u can steal from for inf. Money and red guys give about 1.5k and they are located right next to save spots

  2. How did y’all get so many levels up so quickly
    I’m only lvl 25 and its insanly hard to do large amounts of damage,
    And no matter what I do it fails….

    • Hi Howwie! The video gameplay we used is a new game plus run so the persona levels are higher since you can buy them from the velvet room.

      I suggest stacking up debuffs to Shadow Kaneshiro and party buffs to your teammates to increase damage.

    • I’m level 35 here it’s so simple fight the slimes and red guys. Black slimes u can steal from for inf. Money and red guys give about 1.5k and they are located right next to save spots