Persona 5 / Persona 5 Royal - Shadow Kaneshiro (Bael) Boss Guide

Boss guide for Shadow Kaneshiro (Bael) in Persona 5 / Persona 5 Royal. This includes the boss' stats, skills, and a strategy guide.

Shadow Kaneshiro (Bael) Boss Guide

Shadow Kaneshiro can be a bit annoying especially when it gets to the latter parts. However, as much as possible, preserve your SP. No point using magic unless you need it for buffing, debuffing or, healing.

Kaneshiro Palace Guide

Boss Stats

Shadow Kaneshiro

HP 1200
SP 600
Strength 15
Magic 10
Endurance 18
Agility 17
Luck 18
Item Rewards

Attacks twice in one turn. Could sometimes use “Fear Gas” to inflict Fear to the entire party.


HP 2500
SP 1800
Strength 34
Magic 28
Endurance 22
Agility 17
Luck 18
EXP 2,600
Money ¥17,100
Item Rewards

It has several skills that can inflict damage to the entire party in one turn.

Boss Skills

Shadow Kaneshiro

1) Attack

Throws a single target punch.

2) Evil touch

Chance to inflict Fear on a single target.

3) Eiga-attacks

This attack can either be single target with Eiga or affect multiple targets with Maeigaon.


1) Ocular Vulcan

Shoots bullets at a single target dealing severe Gun damage.

2) Metabolic Wave

Deals moderate physical damage to the entire party.

3) Missile Party

Deals moderate fire damage to the entire party and has a chance to inflict burn.

4) Fear Gas

Inflicts Fear to the entire party with a moderate chance.

5) Super VIP Form

Turns into a spinning ball.

6) March of the Piggy

Delivers severe almighty damage to the entire party.

Boss Strategy

1) Conserve your SP

During the first phase, you will fight only Shadow Kaneshiro. This is a fairly easy fight, so conserve most of your SP during this phase. The latter phases will be much more difficult to beat.

2) Use buffs and debuffs

In the second phase, you will fight the Piggytron. This boss is powerful due to its attacks that can inflict damage to the whole party. Make sure that you have a Persona or character that can cast Media and Diarama. You can also lower Piggytron’s damage output by casting Tarunda.

Once Piggytron’s HP is down to 1/3, it will combine with Kaneshiro to form its Ultra V.I.P form. This form has an attack called the March of the Piggy, which is very powerful. Make sure that you Guard once it announces that it is spinning faster. You can also concentrate on defeating Kaneshiro instead of the Piggytron for a much faster battle.

If Kaneshiro unleashes his Fear Gas, counter it with Amrita Shower.

It’ll come to a point that you can attack him directly. This will be a better idea than attacking the Piggytron, since he can cast Evil Touch to send your team rhythm sprawling. Take him out and then focus on the piggytron.

Boss Battle Video (Joker, Panther, Fox, and Queen)

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