Persona 5 Royal - Kanda Church Chapel

Details on the church in Kanda in Persona 5 / Persona 5 Royal. Included are an overview and services which include relearning skills and a shop that sells recovery items.


Kanda is a remote spot on the rightmost edge of the map. It can be accessed by taking the train. You can unlock it after completing Kaneshiro Palace.

Star Confidant


The church chapel in Kanda is a location where you can have Persona relearn skills obtained from a previous playthrough. On Sundays, you can also buy some recovery items from the shop.

Relearn skills

The church offers the player a chance to relearn any of the Persona’s forgotten skills. In other words, you can carry over skills from the previous game without having to redo the steps all over again. When you’re ready, head to the confession room and talk to the Calm Priest and ask to “reflect on the past.” There is a limit to which skills can be relearned. The list of available skills will reflect the ones that you have unlocked from the previous game.

Kanda Shop list

Item Price Stock Effect
Baptismal Water 1000 2 / week Lifts all stat buffs from foes.
Exorcism Water 2000 2 / week Lifts all stat debuffs from allies.
Repentance Ashes 12000 1 / week Cures all non-special ailments for 1 ally.
Sacramental Wine 14000 1 / week Fully restores HP of all allies.

Every Sunday, you can visit the church to avail of recovery items. Since the stocks are limited, it will be worthwhile to purchase all the items.


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