Time-Based Mechanics in Persona 5 [Persona 5/ P5]

Persona 5 Time-Based Mechanics

This article aims to summarize the time-based mechanics in the “Persona 5 (P5)” game. It also aims to explain about the free time system, co-op, human parameters, personas, TV shopping and certain points of the game system where it is irremediable/ it will not be possible to go back to those points.

Time-based Mechanics

  • Free time system
    For Co-Op , 12/19 will be the last free time period, to progress for co-op. It is highly recommended to finish what you should do/ intend to do in the free time by this day. Since the time limit of the coop is from the date of the initial banning date to 12/19, it is necessary to achieve/ complete progress for the free time system within the fixed period for completion.  It’s highly advise to proceed and complete while confirming the hero’s human parameters and schedule.
  • Human Parameters
    Actively strengthening human parameters is until 12/19 when free time ends. If you do not do it efficiently, it is difficult to max out all the parameters. So its highly advised proceed carefully and make sure you are able to complete progress on the free time system while strengthening human parameters.
  • TV shopping
    TV shopping broadcasts on the evening of every Sunday (with some exceptions) from 4/24. If you watch the program, you can purchase unusual items for that day only. In addition, if you repair a broken personal computer in your room, you will be able to use ” Dark net Naka”.  You can also get valuable items here, so if you have something you want, it’s highly advised to buy items and maximize tv shopping.
  • Personas
    [Obtaining Persona in Palace] While you can earn all personas via synthesis, it’s easier if you can just beat them in combat. However, since the palace where many shadows appear for a limited time, it is highly advised to take caution and to be careful when negotiating.


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