Persona 5 Royal - Time Mechanics

This article contains the mechanics in Persona 5 that are time-based. Because of this, it's hard to go back to them later.

Time Mechanics Overview

Everything in Persona 5 is on a timer. The protagonist will regularly have to choose how to spend his time throughout the game, not able to recover any that is lost. Here, we go into each way that players can spend time and detail the advantages of each.



One of the best ways that a player can spend their time is by hanging out with their friends. It is doubly important to do so with the other members of the Phantom Thieves. Doing so will unlock various bonus abilities and experience boosts that are essential to clearing Palaces. In addition, a number of Confidants will also raise one of the protagonist’s social stats when time is spent with them.

Social Stats

Outside of combat stats like attack, defense, and agility, players have a number of social stats that they will have to work on. These are Knowledge, Guts, Charm, Kindness, and Proficiency. These can be increased through various activities like studying at the library, practicing batting at the batting center, or by watching movies.


The game isn’t entirely a life simulator during free time, however. Players can alternatively travel to Mementos to complete various missions, train, or hunt for money, items, and Persona.

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