Persona 5 Royal - Morgana Report #5 Featured New Interactions and Changes in the Velvet Room

The fifth Morgana Report was released, wherein Mona touched on a number of interactions among the Phantom Thieves and new characters.

Morgana Report #5

Atlus tube posted another video last September 6th, 2019. In this report, Morgana covered the latest information on the New Events, ways to improve confidants, and additional features in the Velvet Room.

Scene at the market

The first scene is likely an extension of the summer cutscenes. This is hinted by Ryuji’s complaints about the heat. Mona interrupted and blamed him for bringing them there. Ryuji instantly changed the subject and suggested that they grab some kebabs to which Mona agreed.

Cleanup at Inokashira Park

Another scene showed Joker picking up some trash during the school cleanup. Behind him, a bunch of students talked about him. The team leader who started the conversation quickly changed the way he addressed Joker.

Having lunch with Kasumi and Mr. Maruki

The third scene showed Joker having a meal with Mr. Maruki and Kasumi. Mr. Maruki noticed Kasumi’s abundant lunch box. While Kasumi herself hadn’t justified it, Joker was prompted to step in and select an appropriate response. In the video, Joker chose to tell him that Kasumi’s appetite was due to her being athletic. Even though Joker and Kasumi didn’t talk about it in this cutscene, we already know that the two transfer students had been spending time together.

Spending time in Nakano or Shinagawa

New locations include an outdoor shopping area and an aquarium, both already shown in previous trailers.

In the first scene, Joker was spending time with Futaba at the outdoor market to demonstrate it.

Next, we see the aquarium illustrated with Shinya and Joker.

Improvements to the Confidants

The trailer then showed that staying up late can trigger certain phone calls. Here, Mona shared that Joker gains a chance to deepen his bond with confidants like Kawakami or Chihaya.

Changes in the Velvet Room

“Fusion Alarm”

A “Fusion Alarm” is a new feature that can be found in the Velvet Room. Persona fused when a “Fusion Alarm” occurs have a chance to end up stronger than normal and learn more powerful skills. Mona then showed that the player can now burn some incense when fusing Persona. Doing so may raise the odds of triggering mutations.

Challenge Battles

The player can now take part in Challenge Battles. Theses are special battles of varying levels. This is a mode where players try to get as high of a score as possible rather than simply trying to clear the fight. The player can receive rewards if their score hits certain targets. Aiming for higher scores will ensure that the player receives the best rewards.

Big Bang Burger Challenge

Justine and Caroline can now venture out of the Velvet Room. They can even accompany you in the Big Bang Burger Challenge. Despite the change in scenery, it appears that the twins still treat you as a prisoner when out in the real world.

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