Persona 5 Royal - New Prologue Teased

An introductory special live stream teased prologue gameplay for Persona 5 Royal. Several differences included design changes, improvements, and cutscenes.

New Prologue

A new prologue was teased during a introductory special live stream on September 27th, 2019. Here, we summarize the notable differences between the two prologues.


Previously, when the unnamed characters spoke during the prologue, only text boxes appeared. Moreover, one of the names was the ambiguous “boyish voice.” However, the new prologue makes it easier for the player to tell who is talking by showing each speaker’s silhouette.

New dialogue

Additional dialogue can be seen in the new prologue. In Persona 5, the “girl’s voice” quickly ends when Joker reaches the fire exit. In contrast, the “girl’s voice” in the new prologue had more lines to deliver. After saying her default lines, she was now able to pick up a mysterious signal as well.

Motion changes

When moving from one spot to another, we can now see a seamless transition of Joker sliding across the room as opposed to vanishing in a blur.

New location

Joker can now encounter Kasumi in a brand new location. In the demo gameplay, the “girl’s voice” led Joker to a platform which can be accessed with the help of a grappling hook. When Joker reached the destination, he was ambushed by a group of shadows. Luckily, Kasumi came so that they could team up and dispatch the enemies.

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