Persona 5 / Persona 5 Royal - New Song Titles Discovered

A couple of new song titles included in Persona 5 Royal's soundtrack were found to be part of NexTone's database.

New Music

In a developer interview summarized in a post by ryokutya2089, it was teased that around 20 new BGM songs have been added to Persona 5 Royal. Following the recent news on the file size, the back of the case also showed that NexTone, a Japanese company, will be in-charge of some of the themes in Persona 5 Royal. Among these include three songs which were often played in their trailers, teasers, and reports. While there are various lyricists that contributed to the songs, the others who worked on them were the same group that did Persona 5, namely the composer Shoji Meguro, vocalist Lyn Inaizumi, and Atlus, the rights holder.

Colors Flying High

Colors Flying High is a brand new song played during the opening theme. It debuted during the Persona Super Live P-Sound Street 2019 concert. It also played during the E3 2019 Trailer.

I believe

One of the songs included in the soundtrack was played during each introduction of Morgana’s six reports. The song can also be heard in the PV02 trailer.

Take Over

The song first appeared in a post on the official twitter page. It will be played during a preemptive strike. The song can be heard in each of the character spotlight trailers.

No More What Ifs and Royal Days

Currently, there is no information known about these songs. “No More What Ifs” will have two versions; one of them being an instrumental version. Unlike most other songs in the game, Royal Days was not sung by Lyn.

Other tracks

One of the songs not included in the database was “Prison Labor.” The song is a theme that will be played in Challenge Battles. It appeared in the jukebox selection screen in Morgana Report #5.

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