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Information on Persona 5: the Royal, set to release in Japan on October 31st, 2019. The new version will introduce new characters, locations, and features.

Persona 5 the Royal

As promised, information regarding the new edition of Persona 5 was made public on April the 24th, 2019. The game has shown to be a rather substantial upgrade from the original version, offering far more than a simple dungeon addition or graphical makeover. Here we will discuss the added features both confirmed in the announcement and hinted at in the preview video. It will be written under the assumption that the reader has finished Persona 5, so those approaching the game for the first time should beware spoilers.


A New Phantom Thief!

As if the cast weren’t already varied enough, a new character has been added to the game to join the Phantom Thieves in their Cognitive Heists. Kasumi Yoshizawa is a first-year student at Shujin Academy. She is an excellent student with good grades and an interest in gymnastics. In the previous information tease, Kasumi is shown not to be a fan of the Phantom Thieves’ methods. Just how this ties into her story or what leads to her joining the vigilante group has yet to be revealed.

A New Confidant

In response to an event involving one of the school’s teachers, Shujin Academy hired a part-time counselor for the students. A great listener and good with advice, the counselor quickly becomes rather popular among the school’s student body. The counselor, Takuto Maruki, represents an arcana new and unique to Persona 5, the Counselor. As a confidant, it can be implied that he will additionally introduce additional requests in Mementos and new benefits to make the Phantom Thieves’ lives easier.

A Strange New Boy

A mysterious boy is shown in the protagonist’s room, new to Person 5: the Royal. In Japanese, the boy refers to himself and Ann in the same way that Morgana does. This and his general appearance heavily suggest that the Phantom Thieves’ mascot was finally able to attain a human form in this edition of the game.

New Years with Friends

In Japan, the New Year holiday has a similar cultural significance as Christmas does in the west. As such, it would be a rather significant day of the year for the Tokyo based Phantom Thieves. A new event has been added into Persona 5: the Royal which allows the protagonist to make his first shrine visit of the year with the friends he made in Tokyo.

A New Area!

It is natural that Persona 5 could not cover the entirety of the gigantic city of Tokyo. While the Royal does not bring the game up to the full city, it does add in the famous Kichijoji.
Kichijoji is an area of Tokyo that blends both modern Japan with more classic ideals, making it a place interesting to people of all ages. This appears to be a full explorable area similar to Shinjuku or Shibuya rather than single destination date areas like Odaiba or Asakusa.


In a collaboration with the Darts Live, a dart machine company in Japan, a new cafe can be visited in Kichijoji in which the player can play darts or pool with his friends. The extent of these minigames isn’t fully known, however, the trailer suggests that they are dynamic in ways similar to the batting cage mini-game in the original version of the game.

A New Date Spot!

Players will now be able to take people to an aquarium while building their social links.

Visit Places with the Twins

No longer confined strictly to the Velvet Room, the twin wardens Justine and Caroline can now adventure out into Tokyo with the main character.

Save Memories with Photos!

Characters will now take pictures of gatherings and events, sharing them in their shared chatroom.

A New, Strange Enemy

The drowned bicorn grumbles…
The mysterious enemy “Kyouma” has been added to the game. The picture provided is a just spectral bicorn, so the true nature of this new enemy remains unknown.

A Strange Treasure in the Palace!

Assistance Commands

Some new features to make daily life easier have been added. These are said to assist the player with their social stats, making accessing some parts of the game easier. The exact details of these features are as of yet unknown.

New Music

Music Composer from the original game, Shouji Meguro, has created several new tracks for Persona 5: the Royal. As always, Lyn will be the vocalist for the opening theme, ending theme, and battle music.

PS4 Pro Graphics

Players who play Persona 5: the Golden will be able to experience the game with higher resolution and high-quality graphics that take advantage of the PS4 Pro’s more advanced hardware.

Trailer Reveals

While not explicitly stated, there are a number of new features that are shown and hinted in the reveal trailer.

Grappling Hooks

Featured prominently with the Atlus logo and additionally seen in Joker’s move set in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, the Phantom Thieves now have grappling hooks with which to traverse the palaces. The palaces seem to have been updated and rearranged to accommodate this new form of travel. This additionally means that players who have already played through the game once before will be able to play fresh new palaces rather than completely retreading the game again.

Special Attacks

A number of new and stylish attacks are teased in the trailer, involving character tag teams and the Monabus.

Be sure to check back regularly for more Persona 5: the Royal information as it becomes available.

Images taken from the official Persona 5: the Royal website.

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