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An overview of the features in Persona 5. Included is a summary of the features.


In a nutshell, Persona is a role-playing game that touches on the theme of freedom, justice, and liberation. It consists of the composition of persona and covers the “inner self” stored within the character’s mind. When a character rips off his “mask,” he awakens the inner self to unleash its power. Becoming the cognitive self signals the birth of the persona. The characters involved in the story have their own Persona. Through the help of these Persona, the heroes are able to surmount problems.


A Shadow is the naming convention for enemies. Shadows are suppressed feelings that are hidden in the deep recesses of the person’s subconscious. Shadows take form when the person becomes unable to reconcile with the feelings they suppress. Some call Shadows as “another version” of themselves. Shadows inhabit Palaces which are the manifestations of the people’s distorted desires.

Main Character

The main character, known as the “Protagonist,” is endowed with a special power called the “Wild Card” that helps him make and use multiple Persona. Unlike the supporting characters which can only command one Persona throughout the story progression, the main character is free to choose among the ones available to him at his disposal. Brush up on attributes, stats, and skills and play each Persona according to its strengths to overcome many challenges.

How to get Persona

The key to expanding your roster is to obtain Persona while on a cognitive heist. The hero can choose to ask the enemy using the action “Lend me your power” to acquire enemy Shadows and turn them into Persona. The action becomes available after scoring a powerful effective hit to trigger a “Hold Up.” You can befriend many Shadows provided that they are of lower or equal level to your current level. However, some enemies such as bosses can’t be obtained.

Persona Fusion

As you cover more of the story, you’ll eventually unlock other features such as fusion in the Velvet Room. You start off by being able to fuse two Persona at a time. Later on, you can fuse three or even more Persona in one sitting. While you lose Persona in the fusion process, you can preserve their skills by passing it on to the generated Persona.

Raising Persona

Being a JRPG, you can raise the level of Persona through battles. The Persona earns experience after defeating enemies. Another way to get experience is through mini-games. When a Persona gains a level, it gets more stats and can even learn new skills. Learn the basics of battling to sharpen your Persona’s abilities in combat.

Confidant Bonus

Confidants involve your relationships with various supporting characters. When talking to characters tied to Confidants, you can bolster the number of points earned by bringing a Persona that has the same arcana with their confidant.

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