Persona 5 / Persona 5 Royal - Playstation 4 Theme Included in Amazon Japan’s Exclusive Pre-Order Bonus

Nearing its release, Atlus has updated with a list of pre-order bonuses including a new PS4 theme featuring all of the Phantom Thieves. The complete list of pre-order bonuses can be found on the official website.

New PS4 Theme Announced

Ahead of its release in Japan, Atlus unveiled its latest collection of exclusive pre-order bonuses on the Persona 5 Royal website. Among them is a Playstation 4 Theme which comes when you pre-order the game from Amazon Japan. The theme features multiple golden system icons that replace the standard ones. Icons include familiar symbols from Persona 5 such as the Mona bus, stars, and musical notes. Moreover, the wallpaper gives a close-up shot of each of the Phantom Thieves, including newcomer Kasumi Yoshizawa. When left idle, the camera moves around and focuses on each of the characters before finally pulling back for a group shot of the group. In the group shot, names and captions also eventually change in hue from cool blue to warm red.

Apart from the theme, Amazon Japan is also offering a replica of the Key Art that can also be found on the official website. The art features a stunning illustration of the cast alongside the twins and Arsene, the hero’s persona.

For a full list of the pre-order bonuses, check out the Atlus’ official website.

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