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Details on strong shadows in Persona 5 Royal. Included are an overview, details, and list of shadows.


Strong Shadows are enemies that appear in Palace explorations. While they may share a similar design to regular shadows, you can tell that they are different in an encounter because of the aura they possess. Contrary to other shadows, these enemies can also drop Dirty Gear.

What are Kyouma?*

Persona 5 / Persona 5 Royal - Bicorn Kyouma Variant

While exploring palaces, you may stumble upon enemy shadows that are different from regular enemies. Kyouma or roughly translated as strong shadows are far stronger variants of normal shadows because they have no weaknesses and come in higher levels. What’s more, the health of strong shadows are 2 to 3 times than that of regular ones. They inhabit the same area with the rest of the enemies which can make it quite tough to tell them apart. However, strong shadows are found isolated from other enemies. In battle, they appear almost phantom-like with the added effects. When facing strong shadows, try to get their health to a pinch before knocking them down to prevent them from escaping. When defeated, they drop Dirty Gear which can be sold at the Vintage Clothing store in Kichijoji. Since these are rare encounters, you can only find a handful of them.

Kamoshida Rare Shadow List

Persona Level Arcana Drops
Jack o’ Lantern 2 Magician
Bicorn 4 Hermit
Caith Sith 5 Magician Cat Boots Dirty Gear*
Angel 9 Justice Dirty Gear*
Berith 9 Hierophant Heavy Knight’s Dirty Gear*

*Currently the names of the drops are roughly translated.

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