Persona 5 Royal - Recommended Confidants to Max Out

Recommended Confidants to focus on for the best benefits in Persona 5. Includes some of the benefits that these Confidants grant.

Recommended Confidants to Max Out

Many times when you Rank Up an Arcana’s Confidant, you will acquire an ability. These abilities are useful both in the real world and during Palace Infiltrations. In the real world, they vary from granting you more time to perform activities to efficiently earning Social Stats. On the other hand, ranking up the confidant could also influence activities performed in the Metaverse such as Hold Ups and gaining EXP. Achieving a high rank in one or more of the following recommended confidants helps with the time spent doing activities in both worlds.

Social Stats

Temperance Confidant – Sadayo Kawakami

The first recommended Confidant to max out is Temperance. It has a lot to do with activities concerning free time. Upon ranking up to level 3, it will allow you to avail two services from Kawakami. Namely, obtaining brewed coffee and washing laundry. These grant you additional time to perform more activities in the evening. Upon reaching Full Sabotage, Kawakami will become even more tolerant to your laziness in class, granting you additional time to perform social stat boosting activities.

Temperance Confidant

Initiate the Temperance Confidant at 5/24 after finishing the Second Dungeon.

Death Confidant – Takemi Tae

With a low rank, the number of items and discounts you obtain from Takemi Tae is limited to basic medical items. However, the supplies will become more potent as you reach Rank 5. In addition, she will also sell helpful accessories which can go for up to 100,000 Yen. If you rank up to 7, you can buy these accessories at half their prices.

Death Confidant

Sun Confidant – Toranosuke Yoshida

Once you attain rank 2, you will obtain the additional requests when using negotiation skills in battle. If you further rank up to 3, you will obtain the confidant ability “Fundraising,” which grants you access to collecting an even bigger sum of money during a Hold Up. This allows you to farm even higher earnings during Heists.

Sun Confidant

Moon Confidant – Yuuki Mishima

Yuuki Mishima’s Confidant influences combat effects. Even with the first five levels, reserve members who do not participate in battle will still garner experience points. This comes in handy when training.

Moon Confidant

Fortune Confidant – Chihaya Mifune

Reaching the fifth rank provides a good payout for the Fortune Confidant. Although it might seem costly, as it requires 100,000 yen to start. If you are in need of maximizing the gains from Social Skills, this Confidant becomes very useful.

Fortune Confidant

This particular Confidant helps bolster Social Skills or Confidants that are difficult to increase by normal means.

Awakened Persona

By raising the Confidant of an ally in the main party to maximum results in unlocking an awakened Persona. This is a more powerful Persona than they used previously.

Awakened Persona

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  1. Sun is the one Confidant I wouldn’t recommend in your first play-through due to there being no Mementos Requests tied to it. Due to there being the requirement of 3 time slots to even start it and the fact that it barely gives a benefit, you’re better served doing it when you have max social stats in NG+. Even in Royal, you’re much better off spending those 12-13 time slots reading books, playing video games, or watching movies for their subsequent Thieves Den achievements.

    • I dunno, I think the level 10 ability is huge. It allows you to carry Persona that are above your current level. Seems like a great skill to me.

  2. It’s a great list, but when torn between 2 confidant to level, go with those that you have matching persona on. U get more points per session and it eventually cuts down the amount of times u need to hang with them.