Persona 5 / Persona 5 Royal - Torn King of Desire Boss Guide

Boss guide for Torn King of Desire in Persona 5 (P5) / Persona 5 Royal, including stats, attacks, and strategy.

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Torn King of Desire is a sub boss in Kamoshida Palace. In Persona 5 Royal, it can be found guarding the door that leads to the Blue Ishi.


Level 60
HP 530
Resists Fire, Nuke, Curse
Weak ?
Item Rewards Magic Stone, Mass Drink, Rakshasa’s Bill, Coaching Skill Card


Use heals prior to the fight

Restore each of the members’ health back to full before taking on the boss. It resists many of the magic attributes which can be a bit pesky to deal with.

Aim for technical bonus

Since it resists four elements, that means you can’t knock it down if you cast spells with those attributes. Rather than using magic skills, inflict it with ailments. For example, you can have one Persona use Dormina to put it to sleep. Another option is to use Slime which carries Evil Touch, a skill that has a high chance to cause Fear. When the boss is asleep or has fear, have Joker and Ryuji take turns smiting it with either a Physical or Gun skill. Repeat the same commands for a couple more turns until you knock it down. Finish it off with an all-out-attack.

Have Ann use Guard

Sometimes the boss will focus on Ann and prepare for an attack, which when caught, deals big damage. When the boss casts its gaze on Ann, have her use Guard to withstand the attack.

Use revive

If all else fails, use revives like the Revival Bead to bring an ally back up.

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