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Details on training in Persona 5 Royal. Included are an overview, home workout, and gym training.

Protein Lovers Guide

Working out is a great way to raise the cap of your health and SP on free days. Depending on your needs, you can opt to train either at home to focus on HP or at the gym for better stat gains. Here, we listed the two options for training. We will update this page when the english version comes out.

Work out at Home

You can unlock home workout on 4/19 after learning about it from Morgana. Interact with the chair near the bed in your room at LeBlanc to start the exercise. You can do two sets of repetitions at daytime to increase your max health. Below is the list of training and the effects.

Session Set Stat increase
1-4 “Lifts” Max HP +5
5-8 “More lifts” Max HP +6
9-12 “Lift Morgana” Max HP +7
13 or more “Leg exercise” +8

In addition, you can pair training with “various proteins” to enhance the effect. Proteins vary and can give +1 or more to your max health. You can buy them everyday at the Discount store in Shibuya or the Sports Shop at the Shibuya Underground Mall. Some items only appear when certain weather conditions occur which means you can buy less at a time. Below is a list of items.

Shibuya Sports Shop

Product Effect Availability Cost (yen)
Foreign Protein Gym workout: HP +5, SP +3
Room workout: HP +4
Once a month
Moist Protein Gym workout: HP +3, SP +2
Room workout: HP +2
Once every rainy day

Discount Store

Date Set Items
5/1 Muscle set
  • Protein x2
  • Moist protein x2
7/3 Training set
  • Overseas protein
  • Moist protein x3
  • Moist protein x3
1/15 Body toning lucky bag Overseas protein x3 and others

Training at the gym

The training gym, “Protein Lovers,” can be found in Shibuya Central Street. You can unlock it after reaching a Confidant level of 5 with Ryuji. The place is open the whole day so you can visit it whenever you like. In addition to HP, working out at the gym also gives SP.

Chariot Confidant

Session Set Stat increase
1-4 Treadmill Max HP +3
Max SP +2
5-8 Weight Training Max HP +5
Max SP +3
9-12 Wooden Dummy Max HP +7
Max SP +5
13 or more Fist training Max HP +9
Max SP +7

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