Persona 5 Royal - Adam Kadmon Boss Guide

Boss guide for counselor and Adam Kadmon in Persona 5 Royal. This includes the boss enemy's stats, skills, and a strategy guide.


Adam Kadmon is accompanied by the counselor and they serve as the second and final boss in ???. The first phase involves taking on the counselor, while the second phase places you against Adam Kadmon.

Recommended Level at least 85
Persona Roster Yoshitsune, Mother Harlot
Recommended Team Joker, Morgana, Makoto, Violet

Boss’ Stats

Phase 1

HP around 3000

Phase 2


Boss’ Attributes

Phase 1

Inherit Reflects Absorbs
Block Resists Weak

Phase 2

Inherit Reflects Absorbs
Block Resists Weak

Boss’ Skills

Phase 1

  • Soul Activity

Deals 300 almighty damage on all enemies and then regains 1200 HP.

  • Great Palm

Focuses on one member and leaves him at sliver of health.

Phase 2

  • Attack Posture

Charges for 1 turn.

  • Fierce Strike

Crushes the ground with enormous fist to produce a massive force which leaves everyone at 1 HP.


Use Single-target attacks

We can’t stress this enough, your best bet in this round is to opt for single target skills since only Maruki can hurt you. Unlike the previous phase, you only need to focus all your attacks on Maruki. If you can afford to use Akechi or Violet, you can rely on Ann’s “High Tension” to amplify the output of one of their spells. Have Akechi use Rebel Blade or Laevetainn. Pair that with Violet’s Masquerade to net big damage. You may also opt to have someone like Ryuji focus it down with powerful phys attacks like “Fighting Soul Injection” should you need to use it. Joker can prioritize using phys skills with Persona like Yoshitsune who can use Hassou Tobi to score multiple hits in a row each turn.

Pelt it

Aside from physical attacks, guns are also equally useful against the boss. A great skill to have is One-shot Kill as it takes away a great chunk of health and has an added effect of landing a critical hit. It also doesn’t consume as much health as Hassou Tobi which makes a better option as a finisher.

Finish it off

The second and last phase involves plenty of cutscenes in between turns. You don’t need to heal since the members should survive each of Adam Kadmon’s charged attacks at 1 HP. Keep channeling area of effect attacks. When prompted, press the ○ button to bring it down once and for all.

After the cutscene, you’ll be forced to settle the last battle with a fist fight. Nothing much left to do here but use regular attacks. Trade punches until the boss wears out.

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