Persona 5 Royal - Azathoth Boss Guide

Boss guide for Azathoth in Persona 5 Royal. This includes the boss enemy's stats, skills, and a strategy guide.

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Azathoth is the first boss you’ll face in ???. He is a formidable opponent due to having no weaknesses and resists.

Recommended Level at least 85
Persona Roster Yoshitsune, Mother Harlot, Maria
Recommended Team Joker, Morgana, Makoto, Violet

Boss’ Stats

Assistant, Healing, and Protective Tentacles

HP around 650


HP around 6000


HP around 8000

Boss’ Attributes

Assistant Tentacles

Inherit Reflects Absorbs
Block Resists Weak
Phys, Bless, Curse Psy, Nuke Fire, Ice, Elec

Healing Tentacles

Inherit Reflects Absorbs
Block Resists Weak
Phys, Fire, Ice Elec, Wind Nuke, Bless, Curse

Protective Tentacles

Inherit Reflects Absorbs
Block Resists Weak
Elec, Wind, Psy, Nuke Gun, Fire, Ice, Bless, Curse Phys

Boss’ Skills

1) Tarukaja

Raises damage next turn.

2) “Intangible Defense”

Raises defense.

3) “Barbaric Power”

Charges firepower.

4) “Intangible Defense”

Attacks with Demon Chaos next turn.

5) “Demon Chaos”

Severe almighty damage.

6) “Flow”

Heals HP.

7) “Renewal”

Revives tentacles.

8) “Drenched Seeds”

Deals phys damage to all enemies.

9) “Devil Smile”

Moderate chance to inflict fear on all enemies.

10) “Phosphorescence”

Deals bless damage which causes Dizzy.


Use Analysis

The boss frequently cycles its attributes which makes it quite hard to read. That being said, make it a habit to check its data using analysis each turn to determine which skills to use.

On top of that, you also need to analyze the status of the battle on each phase as there will be some limitations applied. You can tell when it happens by the time some information are displayed on the upper right hand corner.

Cut the limbs

When the boss’s three tentacles are out on the field, he doesn’t take damage. Take turns and use skills that target all the limbs. You can target Azathoth, or even include Maruki if you’re using multi-hitting skills after the limbs are down.

Use hard hitting attacks

In this phase, you can choose between two approaches. The first being that you would want to employ Baton Pass to strike its limbs. Pass the Baton around in such a way that Joker gets the most boosts. In turn, this helps Joker’s Persona land enough damage to knock out the tentacles. If you don’t want to check the attribute each time, you can opt to assign Ann to use “High Tension” and then follow up with an almighty attack with Joker and Akechi.

Remember that Azathoth can regenerate its tentacles so you need to channel your attacks in quick succession. With Baton Pass, you should be able to take out a limb in one hit, and then focus the rest of your attacks on Azathoth to distract him.

Take extra care not to allow Akechi to suffer from Bless attacks. By now Akechi’s persona should have already done its Second Awakening to acquire “Grieving of Conspiracy,” to make it withstand taking hits from certain attributes.

Use Shields

Haru comes in handy in this fight because of her -karn skills, each of which cushions the boss’ phys or magic attacks. Keep in mind that these skills can’t protect you from almighty attributes, so you need to find other ways play around it.

Tips when aimed

When its health is down, Azathoth will start to focus on one member of the party. Luckily, you can prevent it from performing its attack by making an adjustment. When you notice the boss aiming at a member, swap him/her with another at the back to avoid a potential “Demon Chaos” from connecting.

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