Persona 5 Royal - Dirty Equipment List

Details on Dirty Equipment in Persona 5 Royal. Included are an overview, how to obtain them, and ways on how use dirty equipment.

Persona 5 / Persona 5 Royal - Dirty Armor


Persona 5 Royal - Dirty Equipment

Dirty Equipment are dropped by rare enemies called Disaster Shadows. When obtained, they can’t be worn right away and must be cleaned to appraise them. When left unwashed, Dirty Equipment can also be sold in Kichijoji.

Disaster Shadows Guide

The names of the equipment are roughly translated. We will update this when the English version comes out.

How to obtain Dirty Equipment

You can receive Dirty Equipment by defeating Disaster Shadows in Palaces. Sometimes, you can also find them after successfully carrying out a negotiation. Another way to score some Dirty Equipment is to examine chests in Mementos.

Laundry and Dirty Equipment

How to use Dirty Equipment

After obtaining a piece of armor, you can’t wear it just yet. You need to appraise them by washing at home or getting them cleaned in the Laundromat. Washing Dirty Equipment can produce either an Old Armor or a New Armor.

In Persona 5 Royal, you can also seek the Used Clothing shop in Kichijoji to sell them in bulk. Bear in mind that the shop does not accept cleaned armor. If you already cleaned the ones you found but intend to sell them, you need to turn them in to Iwai’s Airsoft shop instead.

Munehisa Iwai – Hanged Man Confidant


Name Shadow Becomes Defense Evasion Effect
Splendid Armor Incubus Old Dreamy Pajamas 57 15 +Resists Sleep
Dreamy Pajamas 58 15 ++Resists Sleep


Name Shadow Becomes Defense Evasion Effect
Heavy Knight’s Dirty Armor Berith Old Marquis Mantle 64 6 HP +10
Marquis Mantle 75 6 HP +30
Possessed Armor Shiki-Ouji Old Ceremony Costume 94 7 Slightly lowers phys damage received
Phantom Costume 110 7 Moderately lowers phys damage received
Worn-out Armor Take Minakata Old Haori 118 8 ?
Haori 140 8 ?
Wolf’s Hide Anubis Old Royal Cloth 146 10 SP +10
Royal Cloth 171 10 SP +30
Soaked Elephant Armor Grimekhala Old Gilly Vest 174 11 Low chance to reflect phys attacks
Gilly Vest 205 11 Moderate chance to reflect phys attacks
Male Leopard Dirty Armor Ose Old Leopard Print Vest 206 12 Power+1
Leopard Print Vest 243 12 Power+6
Monkey King’s Armor Hanuman Old Primate Vest 240 14 Agility+1
Primate Vest 282 14 Agility+6
Emperor’s Dirty Armor Thor Old Lord’s Undergarments 316 15 HP +10
Lord’s Undergarments 330 15 HP +50
Dancer’s Dirty Armor Macabre Old Black Death Tights 326 15 Magic +1
Black Death Tights 345 15 Magic +6


Name Shadow Becomes Defense Evasion Effect
Dirty Armor Angel Old Angelic Cape 60 11 Slightly increase magic evasion
Angelic Cape 71 11 Moderately increases magic evasion
Flower Girl Dirty Armor Hua Po Old Fairy 88 12 Agility +1
Fairy 104 12 Agility +3
Ghost’s Dirty Armor Yaksini Old Apron 111 13 HP +10
Apron 132 13 HP +30
Goddess’ Dirty Armor Isis Old Arcane Robe 137 15 SP +30
Arcane Robe 161 15 SP +30
Wicked Dirty Armor Lilim Old Devil 164 16 +Resists Brainwash
Devil 193 16 ++Resists Brainwash
Phantom Lady’s Dirty Armor Skadi Old Phantom Lady’s Tights 194 17 ?
Phantom Lady’s Tights 228 17 ?
Black Queen Dirty Armor Kali Old Camisole 226 19 Slightly lowers fire damage received
Camisole 265 19 Greatly lowers fire damage received
Soggy Armor Lilith Old Bikini 298 20 SP +10
Bikini 311 20 SP +50
Sorcerer’s Armor Scathach Old Witch Coat 307 20 Magic +1
Witch Coat 324 20 Magic +8


Name Shadow Becomes Defense Evasion Effect
Cat Boots Cait Sith Old Cat Collar 59 14 Magic +1
Cat Collar 70 14 Magic +3
Elder Armor Koropokkuru Old Scarf 86 15 Agility +1
Scarf 102 15 Agility +3
Old Cat’s Armor Nekomata Old Cat Footwear 109 16 Moderately increases Psy evasion
Cat Footwear 129 16 Greatly increases Psy evasion
Serpent’s Armor Naga Old Snake Skin Scarf 134 18 ?
Snake Skin Scarf 158 18 ?
Thunderbird Armor Thunderbird Old Charged Scarf 161 19 Slightly lowers Elec damage received
Charged Scarf 189 19 Moderately lowers Elec damage received
Unicorn Armor Unicorn Old Naive Collar 190 20 Luck +1
Naive Collar 224 20 Luck +6
Lion Armor Barong Old Rough Lion Scarf 221 22 Slightly increases Phys evasion
Rough Lion Scarf 259 22 Moderately increases Phys evasion
Greedy King’s Armor Abaddon Old Bottomless Scarf 291 23 HP +10
Bottomless Scarf 305 23 HP +50
Evil Dragon Armor Fafnir Old Dragon Skin Scarf 301 23 Lowers Phys damage received
Dragon Skin Scarf 318 23 Greatly lowers Phys damage received


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