Persona 5 Royal - Jose Secret Boss Guide

Details on the secret boss battle against Jose in Persona 5 Royal. Included are an overview, stats, attacks, and strategy.

Persona 5 / Persona 5 Royal - Jose Boss Guide


Persona 5 Royal - Jose Boss Guide

Jose is one of the three secret bosses. After the player has collected enough stamps after the 13th of January, he can be found in the Cognition Control Center. Walk up to Jose at the end of the path to initiate a cutscene.

Jose’s attacks consists of a combination of physical attribute and various elements. He resists Physical and can also use a powerful attack after his health is down.

Stats/ Information

Level ?
HP ~10,000
SP ?
Strength ?
Magic ?
Endurance ?
Speed ?
Luck ?
Resists Physical
Items Star-Shaped Basin, Senior of Life


1) Drift

Jose starts off with Drift, a physical skill that inflicts around 200 damage.

2) Magic skills

Jose carries spells of various attributes at his disposal.

3) Launch

A powerful almighty attack that Jose casts when his health falls below half.


When it comes to team composition, a good template includes a nuker, two support, and one for healing SP. Some members such as Ryuji and Makoto can shift roles from support to offense depending on the party’s needs. A clear-cut strategy is to have Yoshitsune use Hassou Tobi to easily defeat him.

Choosing Persona

Among the persona, choose one that does not have any weaknesses and can nuke with magic spells. Pair this persona with one that has access to debuffs for more survivability.

Recommended Persona for Palaces

Heal your party

We can’t stress this enough. Before you step foot and interact with Jose, take a brief moment to fully restore your party’s HP and SP. He can easily dish out a large chunk of damage on the first turn.

Leave it to Joker

Joker can afford to use many skills against Jose. You need to have a reliable form of dealing consistent damage to Jose. Skills that deal multiple hits such as Triple-Down are great to use against him. If you can get away without focusing on support skills, you can also have Ryuji and Makoto attack as well.

Wait for Jose’s buff to wear off, and have Makoto use a recovery skill. Have Joker cast Debilitate to weaken Jose. While you might be tempted to reverse the roles, avoid doing it the other way around to conserve SP.

Use Tetrakarn

Other than relying on Charge, you’re better off using Tetrakarn. Having the barrier up, you can land around 650 points of damage by turning Jose’s attacks back at him. The downside to this is that it costs a great deal of SP. Haru’s Persona obtains this skill after awakening.

Bring a Persona with Fortify Spirit

Fortify Spirit is a great passive to have for Joker since it gives him immunity to ailments.

Shift between support and offense

You can opt to have Ryuji buff the party with skills like Matarukaja. Again, buffs have the tendency to deplete SP fairly quick, so use them wisely. Ryuji can also make use of God Hand and Agneyastra. You can use them interchangeably depending on your team’s need for the turn. God Hand serves as a great way to land consistently, meanwhile Agneyastra comes in handy for turns when you need to hit harder.

Assign a member to replenish SP

It can be tough to have Ryuji juggle everything at once with attack, support and SP regen. Therefore, you need to assign someone to use SP regen when others are too busy attacking. For example, if Joker commits to attacking Jose with magic skills, Ann can forego offense and focus on restoring SP.

Prepare in advance

Keep a close eye on Jose’s health. When his HP approaches half, you need to ensure that Makoto has enough SP to use heals like Mediarahan. By now your team should have Endure to withstand Jose’s powerful attack. When Jose fires off Launch, have Makoto cast Mediarahan to heal everyone back up.

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