Persona 5 / Persona 5 Royal - Lavenza Secret Boss Guide

Details on the secret boss Lavenza in Persona 5 Royal. Included are an overview, preparation, and strategy.


Lavenza appears on New Game+ and can be found in Mementos between 1/14 to 2/2. She is a secret boss that can be fought on the third semester. You can encounter Lavenza in the Velvet Room.

Stats/ Information

Level ?
HP ?
SP ?
Strength ?
Magic ?
Endurance ?
Speed ?
Luck ?
Items Almighty True Sphere, Parquet Bookmarks, Further Rehabilitation


Electric, Ice, Wind, Fire

Lavenza can use one attribute at a time.


Purchase an assortment of consumables

By now, you should have hit the cap on the Billiard Rank, attained the powerful magic spells, and invested on Satanael with Gun skills. In addition, you need to collect a couple of consumables for to prepare for the battle. Below is a short summary of items and their locations.

Item Location
Baptism Water Can be bought on Sundays
Super Awakening Air Freshener Second-Hand shop in Kichijoji
Ultimate Disinfection Spray
Moonlight Carrot Gardening
Earth Beans Gardening
Star Dragon Onion Gardening
Sleep Bottle Exchange flowers to Jose
Hustle Supplements Sports Shop
Takeminato Biokir Takemi’s clinic

Assign three different Persona

Apart from items, you need to have three persona. You need to have each of these specialize in one of three roles: support, physical, and almighty attribute. With the exception of the support Persona, train the others to have their attacks and magic capped at 99. Lavenza is a formidable opponent so you need to max out all of your Persona’s levels. A good example would be support Maria, and two damage dealers like Yoshitsune and Satanael. Currently, this section does not cover any of the DLC persona.

Reach Second Awakening

The battle occurs on the third semester which should buy you enough time to awaken your Persona. Having performed awakening guarantees that your roster gets access to all sorts of tools like new skills, higher stats, and resists.

Gear up

Many accessories and equipment provide added skills to fill in the gaps. Below is a list of suitable equipment to use in the fight against Lavenza.

Gear Details
Amrita Spiral Charm Unlocks Amrita Shower
Crystal Skull R Raises all stats by 6 and raises evasion. Best used in the first few phases. Joker can pass it to an ally if his Persona are maxed out.
Extreme Universal Ring Can be given to anyone except Akechi. Allows the holder to use Megidola.
Greedy Ring Best paired with Yusuke. Allows the use of Concentrate.
Orichalcum R Can be given to anyone. Raises all stats by 7 and raises evasion from Phys. Best used in the mid phase.
Seven Ties Best given to Joker or another member that has a similar role. Grants the effect to instantly remove ailments.


The flow of battle depends on the remaining HP of Lavenza. For each phase, you need to bring her HP down by 1/5 to go to the next phase. Simply put, you need to deal a total of 5,000 points of damage to proceed to the next round. Below is a summary of Lavenza’s actions for each phase.

Capitalize on debuffs and almighty attacks

When the battle starts, pair Joker with Akechi. Since Lavenza resists all attributes, you need to play around her with other skills. Combine debuffs like Debilitate with Almighty attacks using Joker and Akechi. Another option is to have Haru use Tetrakarn to reflect incoming attacks while Yusuke and Joker focus on whittling her down.

Phase 1

In Phase 1, there is a 9 turn limit. Lavenza’s health is 5,000 and the goal is to bring it down to 4/5.

Remove ailments

Lavenza’s pattern of attacks depends on the status of its health. In phase 1, she often relies on inflicting ailments. Quickly cure the ailment to avoid taking technical bonus.

Use Almighty skills

Since Lavenza’s attribute will vary, Joker and Akechi can focus on using Megidola for some consistent form of damage.

Phase 2

Inflict an ailment

On the second phase, you will greatly benefit from technical bonus by inflicting Lavenza with ailments. You can obtain those types of items from Jose after exchanging flowers.

Use Persona that blocks Curse

Lavenza starts using Death inflicting skills which can finish you off if it connects on Joker. Avoid it by switching to a Persona that nulls Curse quickly.

Phase 3

In Phase 3, you’ll want to switch to Persona that excel in either Physical or Gun skills. Boost your attacks to land critical hits and use Baton Pass to punish Lavenza.

Aim to score critical hits

Use skills like Swords Dance or One Shot Kill to land those critical effects. Use Baton Pass to strengthen Joker and have your Persona execute Hassou Tobi.

Don’t be afraid to use items

Some items such as the “Hustle Supplement” also increases the chance of getting critical damage. Other than items, you can also switch out a member with Violet and have her use “Bravestep.”

Phase 4

Lavenza turns far stronger than before when her health falls lower than 40%. Don’t take too long to use powerful skills because you’ll incur more damage.

Use almighty attacks

Your best bet is to use Persona with hard-hitting skills. A good example is to use Megidolaon to bring her down.

Combine powerful attacks with critical hits

Similar to Phase 3, Atavaka and Thor can dish out critical hits with Physical skills. You can opt to use Swords Dance or One-Shot Kill.

Focus on attacks and recovery

Although Lavenza can interrupt your chain of attacks with her own, these don’t do enough to knock a member out. Focus solely on offense and combine those with heals.

Determine when to use Guard

Every fifth turn, Lavenza casts a boosted Megidolaon to try and knock your party out. However, depending on your skill set, you might not even need to rely on using Guard on those turns. With passives like Endure, your party should withstand the fatal blow at 1 HP.

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