Persona 5 / Persona 5 Royal - Madarame Palace Guide Walkthrough

This article contains the walkthrough for Madarame Palace.

A guide for Madarame's Palace in Persona 5. Includes a step by step walkthrough for clearing the palace and all of the puzzles within.

Second Phase: Stealing the Treasure

Assuming that you went in the night the palace opened, it should now be 5/19. Morgana reveals that he found a few rooms that may help with opening the security system. Apparently, the second floor of the Art Museum had a suspicious room and an object that can help them get the treasure. There’s a catch, however. you have to unlock the place in Madarame’s house in a way that he believes it is open. Doing so will unlock it in the palace.

Ann has an idea on how to get in. She agrees to become Yusuke’s model and play as a diversion while Morgana gets close enough to open the lock.

As she does this, the protagonist and Ryuji wait in the palace for the door to unlock. The two have a bit of conversation while waiting for Morgana and Ann to finish their part of the plan. There’s a bit of delay so you’re gonna have to wait for a bit. After a bit of a debacle, the doors finally open and you get to go inside.

When you have control again, run down the hall and enter the room. Once you get inside, a rare shadow will appear.

Mini Boss Fight: Nue

This battle will be pretty easy if you have Agi skills on you as Nue is weak to fire. He uses Eiha-based skills, so if you have Succubus, the fight will be much easier.

Unfortunately, you can’t capture this shadow.

Boss Fight End

When the boss fight ends, the scene will move back to Ann, Yusuke, and Morgana. There, you find the portrait Sayuri and you’ll have a cutscene.

After the cutscene, you’ll have control of Joker again. Before you grab the treasure, head into the security room. Once inside, you’ll find yourself surrounded by laptops. Head to the activated laptop and shut off the security system.

When you head out, the security will go bananas. All security deactivates and you head out back to the hallway. Now that you’ve achieved your local objective, Ann, Morgana, and Yusuke show up in the palace. Yusuke finds himself in front of the Phantom Thieves. There, you’ll have another cutscene.

After the cutscene, head down the hallway parallel to the path near the Safe Room. As much as possible avoid fighting. Once you get out, you’ll find yourself in a distorted gallery where Yusuke has a bit of a realization. Keep heading out and follow the pathway. Yusuke will have a few realizations, especially when he goes through the portrait rooms.

After the cutscene, you’ll find yourself at the stairs with the large statue. Head down the stairs and another set of Shadows appear. Then, Shadow Madarame appears with his own security guards. Another cutscene plays. Madarame reveals how he really treats his students and what he does with their paintings. Particularly, he reveals his plans for the Sayuri and his intent for Yusuke. Along with that, he reveals his true nature to Yusuke. The boy has a bit of a breakdown and you’ll have a cutscene.

With that, you finally gain Yusuke Kitagawa and his persona, Goemon in your team. This starts the boss battle against the Shadows near Shadow Madarame.

Boss Fight: Ippon Datara and Koppa Tengu x4

Take out Koppa Tengu first. If you’ve leveled up Ann and Ryuji enough, they should have multi-target skills to knock them down a peg or two. When you’re left with Ippon Datara, slash him down. Yusuke actually is quite powerful in this fight, especially with his basic slash attacks.

After that, Yusuke goes down and you’ll have another cutscene. Yusuke is still in complete shock from what he found out about Madarame. Before anyone can explain any further, Shadows attack. All of you run and head to the restaurant.


With that, everyone explains what happened to Yusuke. When they finish, he asks to join the group. He does this in hopes of putting down Madarame and preventing anyone from ending up like him. With that, the group acknowledges him as part of the group. Apparently, this is where you learn also that what the Shadow knows – the real one may not. You also find out that Madarame is still hiding something and Yusuke volunteers some information. You have to capture his heart before the exhibition ends.

After that, the protagonist heads back home and reviews the messages in the chat room. When you finish reviewing the messages, head to your room and start the next day.

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