Persona 5 / Persona 5 Royal - Madarame Palace Guide Walkthrough

This article contains the walkthrough for Madarame Palace.

A guide for Madarame's Palace in Persona 5. Includes a step by step walkthrough for clearing the palace and all of the puzzles within.

Third Phase: Fighting Madarame

After school, the team gathers up to invade the palace. They first explain to Yusuke the nature of their job and their powers. It’s a pretty lengthy cutscene. However, you find out that you have a deadline to meet. Once you hit June 5, the palace will shut and you’ll get a bad ending.

When you reach the palace, you’ll have to help Yusuke figure out his code name. Now that you have more than three team members, you’ll need to switch between who you want in your active party.

Head back to the Safe Room nearest to the moving folding doors to make life easier. Once inside, head into the next room. Here you’ll find a shadow walking around. Attack it and face off against Jack Frost.

Next, head up the stairs and tackle the Shadow for Mandrake. After defeating the shadow, make your way up until you reach a Golden Brochure stand. Approach it and take the pamphlet from the stand. It’s a map of the palace, making navigation easier. At least now you won’t get lost.

Head straight before moving left for the treasure chest. Then, move toward the opposite side of the hall. Keep running straight before making a left. There, head toward the door at the end of the path. You’ll find two shadows roaming around. Take them out if you can. If you don’t have Hua Po or Apsaras, now’s your chance to grab them. The other one has Mandrake and Inugami. After taking them out, grab the treasure in the room before heading out the closed door.

Once you do so, you’ll find yourself in another hallway. Make a left and you’ll find yourself in the maze along with three Shadows. Stick close to the left and watch for the lasers before sliding through to take out one Shadow. Next, turn left and you’ll find another Shadow moving toward you. Take out the two Jack Frost before moving on to the next Shadow. Next, make a slight right before moving forward to take out the other Shadow, Nue.

Head to the southwest corner of the room. Slip through the lasers and grab the chest. After that, head to the northwest corner to spot the security room and a chest. Then, head to the large painting and slip right through it. Cross over to the other painting until you can jump out onto a ledge. Next, follow the ledge until you find a vent. There’s an item right next to it before you slip through another vent. Follow the path before going straight until you reach a T intersection. Make a left before jumping out the vent. Look to your right to unlock the door for a shortcut and a treasure chest.

Then, make a left before noticing a mini-boss. Make your way toward him and get ready to fight him.

Mini Boss: Shiki-Ouji

Shiki-Ouji, unfortunately, blocks all physical attacks. You’ll have to rely completely on magic. After defeating it, you’ll grab a skill card – Media.

After you defeat it, make a right to open the treasure chest. Next, head into the security room on your left. Approach the laptop and you’ll find yourself again in need of a password. Head out and move to the south of the security room to open the door leading to the shortcut. There, you’ll find two Shadows talking about the passwords. Unfortunately, they leave you with a riddle. Once they’re done, finish them off.

Next, head to the main hallway. Remember the statue in the room full of ramps? Head back there and examine the statue. There, get the password: 1120.

Return back to the security room via the shortcut. Input the password and you’ll remove the lasers and the gates. First, leave the room and cut across the hall with the large portrait and examine the rightmost part of the map. Open the closed door there and you’ll find a Safe Room. Mark it before heading out.

When you head out of the room, move to the door on your left to continue on to the next hallway.

Hall of Paintings

Head out and you’ll find the hall of paintings. You’ll have a bit of a cutscene before following the arrows. Jump off the ledge where you’ll reach a portrait of camels. Jump in to enter the painting before hearing Madarame speak.

After Madarame talks, continue to run through the paintings. When you get to the second painting, go through the red arches to move to the green painting. Then, jump out and hit the button outside the painting. After that, head back and move through the Mt. Fuji and past the gates. You’ll end up in the painting of the sea. Madarame speaks for a bit before the Kraken throws you out.

Watch out for the incoming shadows. Take out the large Shadow before heading up the ledge and into the paintings again. Head into the sea painting before moving to the middle of the boat. Jump out of the painting and onto the ledge and press the button. This activates more paintings. This time, head straight through the red arches. Jump onto the rock in the green painting before heading inside. You’ll head into the new painting. After that, jump out of the painting and you’ll find yourself on the next ledge. There, you’ll find a door to go through.

Once you do, head into the hallway where you find multiple Shadows. Watch out and take them out one at the time. Hide behind the couches and knock them down one by one before opening the treasure chest nearby. Next, head down the ramp where you find several more shadows. There’s one in the bathroom and several outside in the lounge area. Head into the men’s bathroom to grab an item before heading into the door at the end of the lounge.

Golden Stairs

Head right and up the stairs. Then, grab the item before jumping off the ledge. Go up the next set of stairs before jumping off. Make a right for the treasure chest and then climb the ledge to dispatch the Shadow. Then, head straight before making a left into the large blue door. You’ll warp to the next set of stairs. Break for the item at the base of the first set of stairs before moving onto the next warp area.

You’ll end up at some stairs with the two Sayuri paintings at the bottom. Climbing the ledge will lead you to a warp door that will put you back at the top of the stairs near the Sayuri Painting. Touch the painting with the red Sayuri to activate the door on the ledge. Climb up the ledge and head into the newly oriented warp door.

Enter the golden door and you’ll find yourself in another area. This time, it’s a whole row of Sayuri paintings with couches lined up. Choose the third Sayuri painting with the branches.  Enter through the door and you’ll find another row of Sayuri paintings, but ignore those. Climb up the stairs until you reach the ledge and see the blue door. Jump down and choose the Sayuri painting at the foot of the stairs on the same level as the blue door.

Next, head into the blue door and you’ll be teleported to the start of the whole maze. Instead of going up the ledge, go down the stairs. Once you do, you’ll find yourself at a new staircase. Head to the base of the stairs to open the chest. After that, head through the door leading into another hall at the bottom of the stairs. Run straight through the hall and enter the next room. Here you’ll find Shadow Madarame guarding his heart.

You’ll find Shadow Madarame with two shadow guards. A cutscene ensues where you’ll come up with a plan to get his treasure to manifest will play. Head right and climb up the ramp to grab an item. Next, head to the left where you’ll find your Safe Room. Enter it for a checkpoint. Save before heading north from the Safe Room to the security area.

Open up the security room to lift the bars. Then, cut the power to make them use the emergency power. When you do so, you’ll trigger some Shadows’ spawn. Then, the group will begin talking. Head out the right ramp and go through the path previously blocked by the shutters. Turn right to take down the shadow and nab the treasure chest. Make sure you have lock picks.

Next, head up the ramp and you’ll have to battle Shiki Ouji. If you have Nuclear attacks, it’ll work just fine. Continue moving up the ramp until you reach the balcony. Defeat the roving Shadow and run through the hall. Turn right for a treasure chest, head left and sneak up on the shadow. Take it out before making your way to the next Safe Room.

After saving, move to the next room. Head over to the lever at the far side of the room. Since you can’t touch it, climb up the ladder and head out onto the rails. You’ll find yourself looming over the treasure. There’s a small cutscene before you make your way to the lever. Activate it before triggering another cutscene. You’ll finish up and can now enter the palace any time you choose to take Madarame down.

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