Persona 5 / Persona 5 Royal - Madarame Palace Guide Walkthrough

This article contains the walkthrough for Madarame Palace.

A guide for Madarame's Palace in Persona 5. Includes a step by step walkthrough for clearing the palace and all of the puzzles within.

Fourth Phase: Notification

Trigger a whole set of scenes by sending out the calling card. Madarame goes bananas as the Phantom Thieves leave their notification. This increases his awareness and terror. Once you’re done, you can head into the Palace.

Head into the Safe Room nearest to the Treasure Room. Head toward the lever in the other room and trigger a cutscene. Next, head up onto the rails and you’ll approach Morgana holding the treasure. Note, all the exits have been shut. Run on the rafters and head toward the window leading outside.

With that, head along the ledge and make your way down. Then, head into the red door at the end of the ledge. Go in and head through the door to end up in the courtyard. Morgana triggers a cutscene. Here you’ll find some tidbits of information. Now comes the boss fight with Madarame.

Boss Fight: Shadow Madarame

Madarame isn’t too threatening compared to Kamoshida. Then again, Kamoshida had a lot of mechanics in his fight. Madarame will have two phases. In one he appears as floating pictures phase and the other is his human form.

Main Article: Boss Guide – Azazel

After that, you’ll clear the Madarame Palace! Congratulations!

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