Persona 5 / Persona 5 Royal - Makoto Niijima Character Trailer Teased New Tag Team Attack

Atlus Japan revealed a new character trailer for Persona 5 Royal / P5R featuring Makoto Niijima, codename: Queen. The trailer showcased new conversations and a new tag team attack

Makoto Niijima’s Character Trailer Revealed

Atlus Japan posted a new trailer last week featuring Makoto Niijima. Makoto is a third-year student at Shujin Academy and serves as the school’s student council president.

Nearly a month ago, Atlustube posted a trailer for Persona 5 Royal which highlighted a couple of new features and decorated their site with new screenshots. This time, we will be showing the cutscenes that follow from the image that showed Ryuji and Makoto.

Cutscenes with Makoto

The trailer kicked off with Makoto and her sister, Sae at the Inogami Line. Sae struck up a conversation with her sister, claiming that Makoto once forced their dad to whip up a mackerel dish for her birthday. However, Makoto denied this and declared that it was their dad’s decision.

Shortly after, we found Joker and Makoto spending time at the new aquarium that appeared in Joker’s conversation with Kasumi. Makoto confessed that she had not been to an aquarium since grade school, when her father had taken her.

Conversation with Ryuji

Next, we found Makoto interacting with the carefree Ryuji in the subway station. Ryuji was downplaying an idea that he had just presented to Makoto, but Makoto ended his self-depreciation by saying that the plan isn’t bad. This plan is presumably the tag-team attack that followed.

Makoto’s Persona in combat

After some preview of the cutscenes, the trailer presented Makoto in combat. Makoto’s persona Johanna performed “Heat Wave,” an area of effect physical attack which dealt a large amount of damage through a technical bonus. The battle took place in a new area, possibly a new section of a familiar dungeon.

Tag Team Attack with Ryuji

The attack, the duo’s “Show Time,” showed Ryuji handing a grape-flavored Monta to Makoto while calling her “champ.” Makoto then crushed the can and its contents before dealing the coup de grace on Ganesha. We couldn’t see more of the pair’s interaction after the attack, but Ryuji stammered that Makoto was taking it too far.

Lastly, we saw the thieves spending some time in a short session of beach volleyball during their vacation. The party was split into guys versus girls. Guys were on the defensive side and girls were on the offensive. Their game ends abruptly with Makoto launching a full-powered spike which left her opponents’ mouths agape.

Persona 5 Royal will be available in Japan on October 31st this year. The Western and Asian release was scheduled for 2020.

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