Persona 5 / Persona 5 Royal - Atlus Japan Responded to FAQs about P5R

Atlus Japan's Persona Channel website posted an FAQ responding to port availability and carry over elements related to Persona 5 Royal.

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P5R FAQ Responds to Port Availability and Carry Over Elements

Last week, Atlus Japan’s Persona channel posted an FAQ article responding to the most frequently asked questions about Persona 5 Royal. The FAQ answered hot topics such as the port availability of P5R to Nintendo Switch and Xbox One.

Question: Are there carry over elements from Persona 5?
Answer: “P5R” is based on the “P5” game system and adds many new elements up to the beginning of the game. Since the game experience is different from the original P5, the P5 save data such as Social Stats and completed Persona Compendium will not be carried over.

However, if you have a P5 save data, you can receive benefits that will help you early in the game.

※ Benefits can be received both from both PS4 and PS3 systems’ Persona 5 save data.
※ For the PS3, you can receive the benefit by importing the save data from the online network (cloud) while playing P5R on the same PSN account.

Question: Will the game release on platforms other than PlayStation 4?
Answer: There is no plan at the moment.

Question: Will there be a download version of the game?
Answer: Thank you. Atlus Japan is accepting pre-orders at the PS Store. 
The contents of both the disc version and the downloadable version are the same.

Question: Are there any benefits to buying from the PS online store?
Answer: We are currently preparing everything. As soon as it is ready, we plan to make a purchase guide on release information by store.

Question: What happens to the DLC purchased in Persona 5?
Answer: You can continue to use it by repurchasing “1 content for 10 yen” for commercial reasons.

※ Paid P5 DLC version both for PS4 and PS3 will continue to work in P5R.

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