Persona 5 Royal - Morgana Report #4 Announced New Features in Mementos Dungeon

Morgana delivers some highlights on what's in store in Persona 5 Royal's Mementos Dungeon. In this report, Morgana touches on a new npc, additional game elements, and new requests.

Morgana Report #4

Various new features like a new npc, brand new collectibles, and the return of requests await you in Morgana Report #4. The video was posted on August 2nd, 2019.

New Character in Mementos

The trailer started off with a startled Morgana talking to Ann. Apparently Morgana found out that there’s someone wandering around Mementos. Roughly translated, the figure goes by the name of “Jose” (Joh-zey rather than the common Hispanic name.) While Jose’s exact intentions remain unknown, the Phantom Thieves catch up to him. Jose reveals that he’s searching for flowers in order to study humans.

Jose’s Ability

Jose claims to have some knowledge on improving “ishi.” According to Morgana, “ishi” are collectable distortions that can be retrieved during palace heists.

Jose asks the player to bring him some flowers. Talking to him brings up a menu where you can choose to either trade items or change Mementos. By selecting the “Trade items” option, Jose provides a list of available recovery items. The majority of these are items that replenish sp. Each of these will cost a certain number of flowers.

Collect Stamps

In addition, you can gather collectible stamps inside Mementos. Like the flowers, you can exchange stamps with Jose in exchange for rewards. After gathering enough of these, return to Jose and select “Change mementos” to increase the amount of experience, money, or items that you acquire after a fight.

A Pitch Black Area

Later in the video, Morgana warned the group during a cutscene of an area inside the dungeon that is completely dark. When boarding the Mona bus, players can encounter more powerful variants of shadows patrolling the tracks. We don’t know if these enemies surpass the strengths of the reapers or serve as their counterparts. Nevertheless, Morgana requests that the player exercise caution when driving across these pitch-black areas.

Expanded list of requests

Requests return and this time more missions are added to the roster. Morgana advised the player to investigate the dungeon carefully, as they can use the bits of information they gather to either overcome enemies or negotiate with them. Whichever option you choose, be sure to complete the request to increase your group’s fame.

There you have it for the fourth Morgana Report. For more news and updates, visit our Persona 5 / Persona 5 Royal game guide page!

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