Persona 5 / Persona 5 Royal - P5R’s Futaba Sakura Character Trailer Introduced Cutscenes and her All-Out-Attack

Atlus Japan launched their fourth Persona 5 Royal / P5R reveal trailer covering Futaba Sakura. The reveal trailer focuses on multiple cutscenes which revolve around the recluse and ends with a brief presentation of her all-out-attack.

Futaba’s Character Trailer Brought New Cutscenes Involving New Characters And Areas

Atlus Japan debuted their fourth Persona 5 Royal / P5R reveal trailer covering Futaba Sakura. Futaba is a reclusive girl who is haunted by her past. She begins to warm up to the protagonist after spending time with him. Futaba eventually comes out of her shell and becomes one of the Phantom Thieves. She lends her power in combat through the use of support skills.

Conversations with transfer student Kasumi

The trailer opens with Joker having a discussion with Kasumi and Futaba over some coffee at Cafe LeBlanc. After a friendly exchange between the two girls, Mona comments on the differences between them.

Shortly after, the trailer continued with some of the members expressing their despair over studying. Futaba comments on their despair and how it was a perfect picture of the end of summer

During the new year’s festival, Futaba reached out to Kasumi and told her about Yusuke’s peculiar hobbies and interests.

Sleep Talking in LeBlanc

Back inside the cafe, we saw a passed out Futaba resting her head on Sojiro’s shoulder. In spite of her dormant state, she continues to talk in her sleep about Sojiro.

Futaba’s All-Out-Attack

Previously, Futaba could only go so far as to provide support abilities in combat. However, she now acquires an All-Out Attack. After launching the group’s combined blows on a downed enemy, Futaba steps in and starts mashing buttons aboard her persona. She finalizes by deploying a green bomb. She also gets kicked out of her vehicle in the process to check on the ticking bomb before it finally detonates.

Futaba Shares a Drink with Joker

The last scene in the video showed Futaba joining Joker for a drink at the bar. She imparted some advice on how Joker can talke with Sojiro. Futaba even offered to share her own experiences.

Persona 5 Royal will be available in Japan on October 31st this year. The Western and Asian releases are scheduled for 2020.

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